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Spencer Collection Briths Silver and Copper Type Set Victoria 1837-1901 #5 - 14th

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Spencer Collection Briths Silver and Copper Type Set Victoria 1837-1901 #5

Image Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade PCGS # Pop PCGS # Pop Higher Pop Pop Higher Comments
Crown Crown
Half Crown 1/2 Cr
Florin Florin
Double Florin Dbl Fl
Shilling Shil
Six Pence 204888 1887 6D MS64 13 6 277431
Great Britain, 6 Pence Victoria Dated 1887, Young Head, KM#757, PCGS MS64.
Four Pence 204322 1897 4D Mdy PL65 4 7 121151
Great Britain, 4D from Victoria Maundy Set 1897, S3943, Old or Veiled Head, an exquisite set carefully graded by PCGS as follows: Penny, MS67; Twopence, MS67; Threepence, MS66; and Fourpence, MS65. A matched original set, each coin with semi-prooflike or highly reflective surfaces, and rich silvery golden iridescence and bluish hues. From the Exeter College Collection
Three Pence 204050 1900 3D Mdy PL65 3 12 139224
Great Britain, Victoria Silver Maundy 3D dated 1900, S3943, Old or Veiled Head, MS65 PCGS, Lovely Original Tone, Tied for Finest
Two Pence 2D Mdy
Silver Penny 1D Mdy
Copper Penny 202596 1892 1D MS64RB 9 447210
Great Britain, Victoria Penny, 1892, PCGS MS64RB, Tied for Finest.
Half Penny 201360 1857 1/2D MS63BN 5 1 202478
Great Britain, Victoria Penny, 1857, Lower Mintage Date, High Grade Example, MS63BN
Three Half Pence 1 1/2D
Farthing 1/4D
Half Farthing 1/2 Far
Third Farthing 1/3 Far
Quarter Farthing 1/4 Far