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Cardinal Collection - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

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About This Set: From the Experts at PCGS
The Cardinal Collection began in 1994 with the goal of completing a choice AU and finer expanded "Red Book" variety set. After years of searching, the prime set of PCGS-recognized major varieties is finally completed, with all specimens grading AU55 or finer and more than 70% in mint state. In fact, the overall collection now includes fully one-eighth of the entire PCGS population of mint-state early dollars. Included within the collection is a complete, certified mint state date/major type set -- the first time in history such a set has been completed with certified mint state specimens. Fully one half of the specimens are "Pop Tops" --the finest-graded of their respective varieties. Specimens such as the 1796 in MS62, the 1798 Small Eagle in MS62, and 1801 in MS64 are not only the finest of their individual varieties, but they also represent the single finest that PCGS has graded for their respective DATES. Pedigreed specimens abound, and feature choice early dollars from the Baldenhofer, Bareford, Bass, F.C.C. Boyd, Amon Carter, Eliasberg, Flannagan, French, Garrett, Miles, Pittman, Stack and Stickney cabinets. The key date 1794 dollar is pedigreed to the F.C.C. Boyd collection. It represented a duplicate in his collection and was sold privately prior to the famous 1945 auction. This specimen is currently encapsulated by another grading service. The registry set is supplemented by other distinctive varieties not yet listed in the RedBook. These coins are referenced in the comments and photos accompanying the individual coins. In addition, the collection features the predecessors to the early dollars, including a Mexican "Pillar" Dollar graded MS63, a Colonial "Continental" Dollar graded MS64, as well as a silver Libertas Americana medal graded MS65 which served as the pattern for the early flowing hair designs. This collection was sold in 2005.

Cardinal Collection

Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade PCGS # Pop PCGS # Pop Higher Pop Pop Higher Comments
1794 6851 1794 $1 MS63 3
Estimated grade. Displaying clean, frosty surfaces, intense cartwheel luster, and a superbly bold strike, the Cardinal specimen is widely acknowledged as the fourth finest known specimen of the famed 1794 Dollar, exceeded only by the trio of superb gem "66s". It's provenance traces to FCC Boyd, the builder of the "World's Greatest Collection," and earlier from the Virgil Brand Collection. Image.
1795 3 Leaves 6852 1795 $1 MS64 6 1 73
"3 Leaves" dollars are represented by a cameo prooflike MS64 specimen of the BB-18 "Head of 1794" variety from the Mougey, Clapp and Eliasberg collections, as well as a sharply struck MS62 specimen of the BB-27 "Head of 1795" variety. Image.
1795 2 Leaves 6853 1795 $1 MS64 4 43
Estimated grade. Among the very finest of all known 2 Leaves dollars, the pictured specimen resided in a private bank vault for 33 years before it was auctioned as part of the Jascha Heifetz Collection. It displays smooth, mark-free surfaces sparkling in full cartwheels beneath light original toning. In addition to this amazing specimen of the BB-20 variety, the Collection also features an MS62 specimen of the BB-21 "Head of 1795" variety from the Earle, Clapp, Eliasberg and Flannagan collections, as well as an AU58 specimen of the BB-13 "Head of 1794" from the famous Stickney Collection, and an AU-58 BB-14 "Hidden Star" variety from the Shore Collection. Image.
1795 Silver Plug 6854 1795 $1 AU58 1
"Silver Plug" dollars are represented by an AU58 specimen of the BB-18 "3 Leaves" variety, as well as an AU55 specimen of the BB-11 "2 Leaves" variety tracing to the famed Garrett Collection. Image.
1795 Draped Bust 6858 1795 $1 MS65 4 1 42
A fantastic fully struck specimen from the Flannagan collection -- tied for the finest 1795 dollar ever graded by PCGS. Image.
1795 Off-Center Dr Bust 96858 1795 $1 MS64 1 2 13
A wonderfully struck, prooflike example from the James Stack type set. Image.
1796 Small Date, Sm Letters 6859 1796 $1 AU55 9 4 105
Second finest known of the BB-63 variety, this specimen is pedigreed to the Newcomer, Newcomb, Col. Green, Clarke, Bareford, and Whitney collections. Image.
1796 Small Date, Lg Letters 6860 1796 $1 AU58 2 2 23
Outstanding condition census specimen of the BB-61 variety. Image.
1796 Large Date, Sm Letters 6861 1796 $1 MS62 1 11
Simply the single finest 1796 dollar certified by PCGS. Image.
1797 9X7 Stars, Lg Letters 6863 1797 $1 MS62
Estimated grade. Featuring a truly amazing strike, the Cardinal specimen not only is the single finest specimen known of the variety, but it has everything anyone could want in any 1797 dollar. All of Liberty's hair strands show completely, every star is sharp, and more importantly, every breast feather stands out boldly on the eagle. The surfaces are lightly toned in golden apricot hues and blaze with amazing cartwheel luster, unlike any other dollar of this date. This extraordinary example is pedigreed to the Roger Miles collection. Image.
1797 9X7 Stars, Sm Letters 6866 1797 $1 AU58 1 0 10
The single finest 1797 small letters dollar ever certified by any service. This specimen is pedigreed to the Miles collection. Image.
1797 10X6 Stars 6865 1797 $1 MS62 2 3 25
Intensely lustrous, this specimen is pedigreed to the Miles collection. Image.
1798 Small Eagle, 13 Stars 6867 1798 $1 AU58 2 1 34
A wonderfully lustrous borderline UNC, with gorgeous original album toning. This specimen is pedigreed to the Baldenhofer collection. Image.
1798 Small Eagle, 15 Stars 6868 1798 $1 MS62 1 1 12
The ONLY mint state 1798 small eagle dollar certified by PCGS. This specimen is pedigreed to the Eliasberg and Flannagan collections. Image.
1798 Large Eagle 6873 1798 $1 MS63 1 9 112
Estimated grade. 1798 "Large Eagle" (close date) dollars in the Collection include the pictured coin -- the finest known specimen of the BB-124 variety with the "blundered stars" reverse -- along with the finest known (MS61) specimen of the rare BB-114 variety from the Pittman collection, featuring the close date obverse with the "line star" pattern reverse, and an AU58 specimen of the BB-121 variety with the "arc star" pattern reverse. Image.
1798 5 Stripes 6874 1798 $1 MS61 1 0 30
"5 Stripes" dollars are represented by an MS61 specimen of the BB-96 variety with the "Knob 9" date, as well as an AU53 specimen of the rare BB-101 variety with the "Pointed 9" date. Image.
1798 Knob 9 6875 1798 $1 MS63 1 0 20
Simply the finest "Knob 9" dollar certified. Image.
1798 10 Arrows 6876 1798 $1 MS63
"10 Arrows" dollars are represented by a magnificent MS63 specimen of the BB-108 variety featuring the "arc star" pattern on the reverse, as well as an AU53 specimen of the BB-101 variety featuring the "line star" pattern on the reverse. Image.
1798 Wide Date 6877 1798 $1 MS62 3 1 41
Superbly frosty, this specimen of the scarce BB-112 variety is tied for the finest known of the variety. Image.
1799 6878 1799 $1 MS65 1 3 14
An amazing specimen from an old time collection, this coin ranks not only as the single finest BB-164, but is also one of the very finest of all Draped Bust dollars. Undoubtedly an early strike from the dies, it displays a smooth, rather prooflike obverse. In contrast, the reverse exhibits exceptionally frosty luster, creating booming cartwheels. Image.
1799/8 15 Reverse Stars 6883 1799/8 $1 MS62 6 5 86
Condition census specimen of the BB-141 variety. Image.
1799/8 13 Reverse Stars 6884 1799/8 $1 MS63 2
This awesome, lustrous specimen from the French Family collection ranks as the second finest known of the BB-142 variety with the "Crumbled I" reverse. Image.
1799 Irregular Date-15 St 6879 1799 $1 AU55 2 0 40
Condition census specimen of the BB-153 variety. Image.
1799 Irregular Date-13 St 6880 1799 $1 MS64
"13 Star Reverse" dollars are represented by an incredible, finest-known MS64 specimen from the Hain Family collection of the BB-152 variety with the "Reverse of 1798," and the finest-known AU58 specimen of the very rare BB-151 variety with the "Reverse of 1799." Image.
1799 Obverse Stars 8X5 6881 1799 $1 MS64 1 0 20
The single finest known of the 8x5 stars type, this specimen traces its provenance to the collections of Virgil Brand, B.G. Johnson, T. James Clarke, and Harold S. Bareford. In its earlier appearances, Stack's described this coin as a "cameo-like Gem; wholly prooflike," and John J. Ford described it as having "magnificent, mirror surfaces in blue, rose and steel." Image.
1800 6887 1800 $1 MS63 7 3 74
Normal (close) date dollars are represented by the finest known Bareford collection MS63 specimen of the BB-187 variety featuring the "Close date, Low 8" date, and the finest known MS63 specimen of the BB-184 variety featuring the normal close date. Image.
1800 Wide Date, Low 8 6888 1800 $1 MS64 1
The finest known 1800 Wide Date dollar, pedigreed to the Amon Carter, Flannagan, and Swan collections. Image.
1800 Dotted Date 6889 1800 $1 MS64 1 0 10
A beautifully lustrous, originally toned dotted date from the Faraday collection, thought by experts to even be superior to the Eliasberg (NGC-MS66) specimen. Image.
1800 12 Arrows 6890 1800 $1 MS61
High condition census for the variety, this specimen comes from an old time collection and displays beautiful toning atop a very strong strike. Image.
1800 10 Arrows 6891 1800 $1 AU55 1 21
Condition census specimen of the BB-195 variety. Image.
1800 AMERICAI 6892 1800 $1 AU58 5 1 53
The single finest specimen graded by PCGS (AU58) of the BB-192 variety. Image.
1800 Wide Dt,Low 8,AMERICAI 86888 1800 $1 AU58
The single finest specimen graded by PCGS (AU58) of the BB-191 variety. Image.
1801 6893 1801 $1 MS64 1 1 12
1801 dollars are represented by an awesome finest known MS64 example of the BB-214 "close date" variety pedigreed to the Wilson, Clapp, Eliasberg and Flannagan collections, as well as a the finest known MS-62 specimen of the BB-211 "wide date" variety. Image.
1802 Narrow Date 40087 1802 $1 MS65 1 1 41
An amazing, frosty, iridescent gem from the Starr and Flannagan collections, tied for the finest 1802 dollar known. Image.
1802 Wide Date 6896 1802 $1 AU58 1 0 20
High condition census for the variety, this is a TRUE specimen of the rare BB-242 variety -- the only true "wide date" variety of 1802 -- not one of the many narrow date dollars masquerading in wide date labels. Image.
1802/1 Narrow Date 6898 1802/1 $1 AU58
A wonderful near mint state, condition census specimen of the BB-232 variety. Image.
1802/1 Wide Date 6899 1802/1 $1 MS63
A magnificent, originally toned prooflike specimen of the BB-234 variety. Conservatively graded by PCGS, experts feel it compares favorably to the Ebsen/Hain Family specimen which PCGS has graded MS64. Image.
1803 Small 3 6900 1803 $1 MS63 2 1 22
This awesome second finest known specimen of the BB-254 variety traces its provenance to the Freisner, Clapp, Eliasberg and Flannagan collections. Image.
1803 Large 3 6901 1803 $1 MS63 4 51
An amazing, finest known Large 3 dollar, with a superb presentation specimen-like striking quality. Image.