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J. Preidis, RN - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

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About This Set: Having spent a couple years in the United Kingdom, I've come to love the English coinage. The half sovereign was my starting point with PCGS and my Registry Sets. Elizabeth II was a small set that is growing as I seem to get the coins submitted. Well, this set is now complete as of 10 December 2004!!! Next challenge is to upgrade the coins! It's now 31 January of 2006 and my 2005's have not yet returned from PCGS, nor has the year been added as a part of this set. In 2005 I was able to upgrade my 2000 for a MS69, and 2001 for a MS68. I would like to add the other Top Pops as I can find them. I'm yet to find any dealer that handles the English PCGS coinage on a regular basis. I know where one of the top pops is, but Tony's not ready to let it go anytime soon. (30 Jul 2006 - I'm sorry to see Tony go. He was my only competition. Yes, I acquired his 1982 top pop) As for the others, they're hiding! Thanks for reading my note, now enjoy what I've built. By the way, my 2006 came in at MS68 however, PCGS tells me they won't be adding the coin until probably early 2007. (Feb 2007) The time since my last update has been good to me in many respects, but nothing has changed with this set other than the ability to add my 2006. 2007's are available, but I haven't acquired mine yet, but will do so sometime this year. Still looking to upgrade 2001 and 2002. Until next time... enjoy! 15 Aug 2007 - Anticipation! How many of you know what that's like? You locate one of the coveted additions to your collection and are now waiting for it to arrive. Well, that's where I'm at right now. I've upgraded my 2002 from MS65 to the 5th coin minted for 2002 in MS69. A dual novelty in my opinion. Photos will be added once coin arrives and I get them loaded. July 2008: Merely a reflection as this, my first set captures the 2008 award. Wish there were more competing. With the cost of gold hovering in the $950-$1000 range, I've seen many of the prized 2002 MS69 half sovereigns come up in auctions. I truly believe in David Hall's comment about not selling at this time. Now's the time to be taking advantage, if possible, of other collectors' letting go based on market conditions and the tempting rising cost of precious metals. My goal for 2008 is to acquire the 2007 and 2008 half sovereigns and have them submitted prior to the 2009 cut-off. As with hind sight, wish I'd picked up 2007 before the rise in gold hit. End of year update 2008: As this year draws to a close, I've purchased my 2007 and 2008 half sovereigns raw, so look forward to submitting them about March time frame. Apr 2009: Update: Submissions are in process with PCGS as I write this. My 2008 came in as a proof rather than MS, so, will have a slight modification in my hunt for the MS 2008 and 2009 issues. As for the proof, that's just one less I need for my proof set. It's good to see other sets now competing and growing within this category. Nov 2010: Time has a way of moving in very large steps when you're not watching. Completion of this set and keeping it current have been my focus. I have all coins through 2010, and am awaiting the 2011 release now. New scans were made of all coins. The fog or mist over the surface seems to have increased or become more prominent. Details are still sharp and the scan seems to have enhanced the fogging effect. The fog or mist is only on the surface of the coins and wipes off without effort. I cracked open a couple of other coins with the same film and found it came off with the slightest touch. Have not had anyone tell me how or why this happens on certain coins when all are stored the same way. Best theory is it occurs during shipment and cold temperatures as coins submitted go out without the fog but return with it. That would explain the random selection on coins. Since I've been keeping my shipments to warmer months, I've not had any further issues arise. Other than keeping this current, my focus has turned to seeking out and working on some of the earlier British coinage. I may however attempt to upgrade a couple of these in time. May 2012: Update - Grades just in on my 2011 and 2012. Both MS67. Will update back to 100% as the certificates become valid in the database. Update, Aug 2016: Where does time go? In 2012, this set was chosen as Best British Set. I was thrilled with this also being Queen Elizabeth II's Jubilee year. After the addition of 2012, I changed focus and four years later, I am having a difficult time obtaining the missing years, but I will get this set back to 100% I'm hoping within the year.

J. Preidis, RN

Image Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade Pop Pop Higher Comments
1982 160905 1982 1/2 Sov MS67 1
Tony Harmer - Jul 2006 - This will be a tough coin to beat. I've tried! Most of the lower grades I submitted!
2000 619033 2000 1/2 Sov MS69 87
Millennium First Strike - Big Bootie - Aug 05 - 157,101 issued.
2001 619044 2001 1/2 Sov MS68 82 3
33rd Coin Minted - Munchel's - Oct 2005
2002 165547 2002 1/2 Sov MS69 33
5th Coin Minted in 2002 - Gene Brandenburg - Aug 2007 - 62,540 issued.
2003 161324 2003 1/2 Sov MS67 1
Self submitted - Apr 2005
2004 164688 2004 1/2 Sov MS68 1
Self submitted - Apr 2005
2005 140426 2005 1/2 Sov MS66 1 2
Self Submitted - Feb 2006
2006 142942 2006 1/2 Sov MS68 2
Self Submitted - Apr 2006
2007 395862 2007 1/2 Sov MS64 1
Self-Submitted - Apr 2009. Weak image, hence weak grade. Typical of this variety.
2008 407483 2008 1/2 Sov MS66 1
Self Submitted - May 2010
2009 407484 2009 1/2 Sov MS67 1 1
Self Submitted - May 2010
2010 419510 2010 1/2 Sov MS65 1
Self Submitted - May 2010
2011 536132 2011 1/2 Sov MS67 1
Self-Submitted - Apr 2012.
2012 511891 2012 1/2 Sov MS67 1
Self-Submitted - Apr 2012 - A beautiful new coin that was still in the mint issued package. I was surprised with the grade. Pleased of course when I was expecting a much lower grade. Reverse is a very weak strike for the detail that is present.
2013 74252 2013 1/2 Sov
2014 533389 2014 1/2 Sov
2015 75203 2015 1/2 Sov
2016 75839 2016 1/2 Sov