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2014 $200 Howling Wolf PR68DCAM PCGS #527860

Another low mintage coin from the north ha ha Canadian mint nice coin and the 1st of the gold.99999 proof 1oz series call of the wild coins low population but not the high est graded by pcgs at this point

2015 $200 Growling Cougar PR69DCAM PCGS #656470

This is the second coin in the offering by the Canadian mint very low mintages and this coin is only 1in this greaded by pcgs at the time of the entry 2/13/2021

2016 $200 Roaring Grizzly Bear PR69DCAM PCGS #605503

This coin is the third one of the series from the Canadian mint low population 0nly 3 in this grade and mintage of 250 coins at this writing 2/13/2021