1971 Eisenhower Dollars

Description: 1971 - the first year of issue of the Eisenhower dollar. You would think that there would be only four coins in this Showcase - a P&D mint circulation strikes, the Silver business strike (blue Ike) and Silver proof (brown Ike). No way.
Because of 1) no experience in producing large dollars in over 30 years, 2) no experience working with the harder Cu/Ni planchets in large dollars at all, 3) production pressures, and 4) other goings on at the mint, there are, in fact, many different 1971 Eisenhower dollars to Showcase. At least 5 obverse design varieties, 3 reverse design varieties, 7 different types of clashes, and too many double dies to keep up with. Here are just some of them.
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