Complete Five-Coin 1972 Type 2 Eisenhower Dollar Family

Description: The 1972 Type 2 Ike dollar was released from the US Mint at two separate times in 1972 - March and August - first reported by Herb Hicks. "March release" and "August release" coins can be distinguished from each other by a number of distinct markers. Thus, the Ike Group identifies these Designated Ike Varieties (DIVa) as 2T2-101 (March release) and 2T2-102 (August release). Further, each of these DIVa Ikes can be further classified by additional markers appearing due to die state progression. Both 2T2-101 and 2T2-102 come in two subclassifications, 2T2-101.1 & 2T2-101.2, and 2T2-102.1 & 2T2-102.2. Still further, after the 2T2-101 reverse die was removed from use (likely due to failure of the progressing die crack in STATES, seen in [email protected]@-101.2), it was paired with a Type 1 reverse, creating a new die marriage for the obverse - becoming DIVa 2T1-101.
This is a complete set of all five coins belonging to what would broadly be called the 1972 Type 2 family.
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