Eisenhower dollar RPMs and MMSs

Description: There are ten known Eisenhower dollar RPMs: 4 different 71D, 1 71S, 2 different 73D, 2 different 74D, and 1 76D. I feel these 10 Ike RPMs alone warrant a spot on the advanced Ike collector's "most sought after" list. In addition, in 1974 the San Francisco mint, in the midst their proof and business strike production, transitioned from mint mark style 1 (used for 1971-1973 Ikes) to mint mark style style 2 (used for 1976*-1978 Ikes). Furthermore, the two mint mark styles can be further broken down: MMS-1 yielded some mint marks that appear smaller, and had field showing within the upper loop of the S - the Micro-S! MMS-2 has been further classified into 2a, 2b, and 2c. MMS-2b and 2c were produced by a punch that was doubled (thus, not technically a true RPM). Both the 2b and 2c have a notch in the upper right of the S, while the 2C has both the notch and separated high line appearing on the upper part of the S. Below are my representatives of the Eisenhower dollar RPMs and the array of 1974S mints mark styles - a work in progress. To read more about the RPMs: http://www.ikedollardoubledie.com/rpms.php
*there may be 1976S coins that were mistakenly punched with MMS-1
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