Curry's "Prism Of Color" Top 10

Image PCGS # Date Denom Variety Grade Pop Pop Higher Comments
1909 VDB 1C  MS66BN 2423 1909 VDB 1C MS66BN 32 0 "Pacific Blue" Ex. lllini420/M. Kittle, CopperColor, MonsterCoinz| A twin to another top MS66BN that resides in the Coyote Ugly Lincoln Cent Collection | Gold Rating
1925 1C  MS64BN 2558 1925 1C MS64BN 51 10 “Green Aesthetic” Ex. Ronyahski |Absolute beautiful colors of green, purples and blues. TrueViews do not do justice. When I received it in hand, color just exploded. Crazy even color for a 1925 P.
1928 1C  MS65RB 2586 1928 1C MS65RB 92 15 "Pocket Rainbow" Ex. L&C Coins, WingedLiberty | Easily the center piece of the set. Beautiful and clean rainbow toning. The first “monster toned” Lincoln introduced to the set. Possible upgrade to MS66BN. Lovely Coin and truly original.
1931-S 1C  MS66BN 2618 1931-S 1C MS66BN 2 0 “Nuclear Doomsday” Ex. CopperColor | Described by CopperColor as a 1931 s with nuclear color. Former ICG MS65RB, to PCGS MS63BN, upgraded to MS65BN and upgraded now to MS66BN. I consider this to be a monster considering it is a semi key date.
1935-S 1C  MS65BN 2645 1935-S 1C MS65BN 4 1 “Emerald Prism” Ex. J. Wendt Vivid_Coins | Truly stellar piece of copper. Comparable to another stunning piece that’s locked in a very high quality set. | Green CAC Sticker
1936-S 1C  MS65BN 2654 1936-S 1C MS65BN 4 1 “Lucky Clover” Ex. J. Wendt Vivid_Coins | A 2 sided green toned monster of a coin. | Green CAC
1940 1C  MS65BN 2684 1940 1C MS65BN 18 6 "Ultra Violet" Ex. NashuaCoins, WingedLiberty | Originally purchased off of eBay in 2015 by WingedLiberty, graded MS65BN first time around.
1941 1C  MS66+ BN 2693 1941 1C MS66+ BN 1 0 "Aurora Borealis" Ex. ILikeTonedCoins, WingedLiberty | Ex. NGC MS66BN, crossover as a MS66BN and upgraded to a MS66+BN. Monster Coin, monster price paid
1942 1C  MS66BN 2702 1942 1C MS66BN 4 0 "Perfecta" Ex. Abe’s Coloring Book | A pure glowing Emerald Piece, 1 of 5 pieces that originated from the same place. Possibly the nicest out of the 5 pieces. Possible upgrade in the future.
1942-D 1C  MS66RB 2706 1942-D 1C MS66RB 36 5 "Denver Hulk" Ex. StrictlyBeautifulCoins, JGD Coins | The term glowing can be used to describe this piece. Eyed this coin for over a year. | CAC Stickered


Fantastic Lincoln Cents!!!!! Well done sir! Beautiful.

Posted at 5/10/2020 1:52 PM by Eldorado

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