Curry's "Prism Of Color" Top 10

Image PCGS # Date Denom Variety Grade Pop Pop Higher Comments
1909 VDB 1C  MS66BN 2423 1909 VDB 1C MS66BN 32 0 "Pacific Blue" Ex. lllini420/M. Kittle, CopperColor, MonsterCoinz| A twin to another top MS66BN that resides in the Coyote Ugly Lincoln Cent Collection | Gold Rating
1925 1C  MS64BN 2558 1925 1C MS64BN 51 10 “Green Aesthetic” Ex. Ronyahski |Absolute beautiful colors of green, purples and blues. TrueViews do not do justice. When I received it in hand, color just exploded. Crazy even color for a 1925 P. | Gold Rating
1928 1C  MS65RB 2586 1928 1C MS65RB 91 15 "Pocket Rainbow" Ex. L&C Coins, WingedLiberty | Easily the center piece of the set. Beautiful and clean rainbow toning. The first “monster toned” Lincoln introduced to the set. Possible upgrade to MS66BN. Lovely Coin and truly original.| Gold Rating
1931-S 1C  MS66BN 2618 1931-S 1C MS66BN 2 0 “Nuclear Doomsday” Ex. CopperColor | Described by CopperColor as a 1931 s with nuclear color. Former ICG MS65RB, to PCGS MS63BN, upgraded to MS65BN and upgraded now to MS66BN. I consider this to be a monster considering it is a semi key date.
1935-S 1C  MS65BN 2645 1935-S 1C MS65BN 4 1 “Emerald Prism” Ex. J. Wendt Vivid_Coins | Truly stellar piece of copper. Comparable to another stunning piece that’s locked in a very high quality set. | Green CAC Sticker | Gold Rating
1936-S 1C  MS65BN 2654 1936-S 1C MS65BN 4 1 “Lucky Clover” Ex. J. Wendt Vivid_Coins | A 2 sided green toned monster of a coin. | Gold Rating | Green CAC
1940 1C  MS65BN 2684 1940 1C MS65BN 17 6 "Ultra Violet" Ex. NashuaCoins, WingedLiberty | Originally purchased off of eBay in 2015 by WingedLiberty, graded MS65BN first time around. | Gold Rating
1941 1C  MS66+ BN 2693 1941 1C MS66+ BN 1 0 "Aurora Borealis" Ex. ILikeTonedCoins, WingedLiberty | Ex. NGC MS66BN, crossover as a MS66BN and upgraded to a MS66+BN. Monster Coin, monster price paid
1942 1C  MS66BN 2702 1942 1C MS66BN 4 0 "Perfecta" Ex. Abe’s Coloring Book | A pure glowing Emerald Piece, 1 of 5 pieces that originated from the same place. Possibly the nicest out of the 5 pieces. Possible upgrade in the future. | Gold Rating
1942-D 1C  MS66RB 2706 1942-D 1C MS66RB 35 5 "Denver Hulk" Ex. StrictlyBeautifulCoins, JGD Coins | The term glowing can be used to describe this piece. Eyed this coin for over a year. | Gold Rating | CAC Stickered


Fantastic Lincoln Cents!!!!! Well done sir! Beautiful.

Posted at 5/10/2020 1:52 PM by Eldorado

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