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1869 25C BG-712 MS63 PCGS #10539

Made this coin, ex. NGC MS63

1869 25C BG-748 MS62 PCGS #10575

Made this coin, ex. NGC MS62

1869 25C BG-749 MS62 PCGS #10576

OGH, found on of all places.

1869 25C BG-750 MS62 PCGS #10577

OGH, last acquisition and and one of the toughest pieces to find.

1869 25C BG-826 AU55 PCGS #10687

In a PCGS special 49'er kind of holder. One of a kind...

1869 25C BG-829 AU58 PCGS #10690

Purchased already slabbed by PCGS.

1869 50C BG-907 MS64 PCGS #10765

Ex NGC MS65 old holder, looks like it was minted yesterday!

1869 50C BG-919 MS61 PCGS #10777

This little lady started it all, OGH and first of the set.

1869 50C BG-1009 AU58 PCGS #10838

This coin looks superb in an AU58 holder. It was ready made PCGS, so it was a no-brainer pickup.

1869 50C BG-1020 MS63 PCGS #10849

The coins was in an NGC PL holder, and as you can see has amazing mirrors/proof-likeness.

1869 50C BG-1021 MS62 PCGS #10850

This coin was in an old school NGC holder, tucked away someone's safe for a long time until I got my hands on it.

1869 $1 BG-1106 AU55 PCGS #10917

I had to have on super crusty original coin, and this was it.