The Symphony Set (Lastufka Collection)

Description: A custom set of coins, tokens, bullion, and so-called dollars featuring musical themes, including: instruments, scores, composers, or musicians.

I've always had a love for music. Ever since I was old enough to sit up straight, I was sitting next to the stereo with headphones on my head. I went through my dad's vinyl records, then my uncle's cassettes, and when I was finally old enough to make an allowance, I started buying my own CDs.

Fast forward a decade and I co-founded and then sold a very successful indie label, and my love for music has now extended to my coin collecting. My goal is to collect every interesting design - be it US or World, Conder or So-Called Dollar - that features a musical theme. These themes can include, but are not limited to, musical instruments, scores and notation, composers, musicians or other performers, and anything else I can tie back to the musical field.

I started this set in March of 2012, and it is a work in progress. In December of 2012 I won the "Most Creative" NGC Registry award for this set. The judges comments were:

"The theme of this collection is coins, medals and tokens relating to music in any way. The owner was drawn to this theme from a life-long love of the music and his career as the owner of an independent recording label. Right now there are just six entries, and he describes the set as a work in progress. None of these are USA issues as yet (suggestion — the 2002 Tennessee quarter with its three musical instruments and sheet music), but there are splendid, high grade pieces to enjoy. Each is accompanied by excellent photos and informative text."

I hope you enjoy browsing the inspiring designs in the Symphony Set.

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