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(1876) Token Pa-Ph 256 White Metal Lingg & Co. Mule w/Pa-Ph 258 Obv. MS65 PCGS #525249

For the United States Centennial celebration in 1876, the Libertas Americana design was once again brought into the spotlight, with the Lingg Brothers of Philadelphia producing their own 23mm Libertas die for patriotic medals and merchant tokens. Aside from its somewhat smaller size, this die is readily distinguished from Bolen's Libertas die by the orientation of Liberty's cap. On the Bolen die, the cap points to the "I" in Americana; whereas on the Lingg die, the cap points to the second "A". Like the Bolen die, the Lingg die was used to strike medals and tokens with an assortment of reverse dies in a variety of metals. All totaled, this Libertas Americana die was paired with 78 different reverse dies, resulting in 155 known die/metal combinations. Here we see the the Libertas Americana die paired with a Liberty Bell die, creating a patriotic medal purely in commemoration of the Centennial. Ex: Steve Tanenbaum