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(1979) 1C Tok TT-1.3C MS64RB PCGS #746431

(1979) Round, with beads, 2.8 grams

No Date 1C Tok TT-1.10C MS63BN PCGS #746418

(1981) 11-sided, sharp corners

No Date 1C Tok TT-1.11C MS63BN PCGS #746435

(1981) 11-sided, rounded corners

1999-P 1C TT-1.12A MS65RD PCGS #590361

Issued as part of the 1999-P multi-ply plated steel coinage test token set

(2004-06) 1C Tok TT-1.13 MS68RD PCGS #746471

Issued with both 2004 Poppy (TTS-4) and 2006 Breast Cancer (TTS-5) test token sets

nd(1979) 1C Tok TT-1.5 MS66 PCGS #543863

(1979) copper-nickel, no beads