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1786 NJersy Maris 12-I, Shaggy Mane XF40BN PCGS #767872

12-I DS1 SHI CC#3 Ex: Virgil Brand (New Netherlands Coin Company 10/52); Harold Bareford (Stack's 5/84:107); John Foreman 5/89:1333); Anthony Terranova (Stack's 1/98:172); Lawrence R. Stack (Stack's 11/06); Sydney F Martin (Stack's 8/27/22:8012).

1786 NJersy Maris 14-J, Stegosaurus Head MS62+ BN PCGS #767875

14-J DS2 Ex: EPU (Stack's 11/15/19:6019).

1786 NJersy Curved Plow Beam, Maris 21-P AU58+ BN PCGS #767882

21-P DS3 Ex: EPU (Stack's 11/15/19:6055)

1787 NJersy Small Plan, Plain Shield AU58BN PCGS #506

43-d ex: Hall and Brand Collections, via New Netherlands, privately, 1952, Stack's Bareford Collection 5/3/84:166.

1787 NJersy Camel Head MS62BN PCGS #515

56-n DS2 rev. Ex: George W Rubel ret. USAF

1787 NJersy Serpent Head, Maris 54-k AU53BN PCGS #766278

54-k DS3 Ex: William O'Donnell (Stack's 1/01:152); Sydney F Martin (Stack's 8/27/22:8099).

1787 NJersy Deer Head, Maris 34-J XF45BN PCGS #763331

34-J Ex: (Stack's 3/93:2053); (Stack's 3/94:336); Clem Schettino (Stack's 1/10:4287); Plated on page 313 of the Siboni-Howes-Ish New Jersey Coppers.

1788 NJersy Maris 75-bb Running Fox Before Legend AU58BN PCGS #783095

75-bb DS1 SHI CC#1 Ex: Matthew Adams Stickney (Henry Chapman 6/25/1907:330); (New Netherland 12/3/68:395); Ted L. Craige (Stack's 1/13:11407); (Stack's 4/4/22:1211).

1788 NJersy Head Left VF30BN PCGS #527

50-f ex: John M. Griffee