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1785 Vermont VERMONTS AU53BN PCGS #800844

RR-2, W-2005 variety, VERMONTS type. Considered to be Rarity-3. Ex Q. David Bowers Collection; earlier Bower’s November-December 2001 sale of the Dr. Robert I. Hinkley Collection, lot #2288.

1787 Vermont Bust Right AU50BN PCGS #560

Ryder-12, W-2110 variety, bust Right type. Considered to be High Rarity-3. Overstruck on a 1785 Nova Constellatio Copper with the details of the host coin boldly in evidence in the obverse portrait.

1788 Vermont Bust Right AU58BN PCGS #563

1788 Vermont Copper, Bust Right, AU58 PCGS. CAC. RR-16, Bressett 15-S, W-2120, R.1. An exquisite medium-brown example. Traces of faded mint red cling to the letters in AUCTORI. Free from marks or spots, although the centers are minutely granular where the strike was incomplete (characteristic of Ryder 16). The top of A is broken, diagnostic of the variety. The reverse displays minor strike-throughs near Liberty's neck, her extended hand, and the L in LIB. The obverse is just slightly misaligned toward 2:30, while the reverse shows ideal centering. Listed on page 84 of the 2019 Guide Book. Ex: Ted L. Craige (2/1971); Public Auction Sale (Stack's, 5/1975), lot 456; Jon Hanson; Donald Groves Partrick; FUN Signature (Heritage, 1/2015), lot 5780, NGC 58; FUN Signature (Heritage, 1/2016), lot 3558; Long Beach Signature (Heritage, 6/2016), lot 3015; FUN Signature (Heritage, 1/2019), lot 3815, PCGS 58 CAC. (NGC ID# 2B5D, PCGS# 563)