Rosa Americana and Hibernia Coinage Basic Set (1722-1724) All-Time Finest List

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The Rosa Americana and Hibernia coins were made by William Wood for circulation in American and Ireland, respectively. All of the basic types and denominations are inexpensive and easy to obtain, making this one of the most popular Colonial sets. The Rosa Americana coins were struck in a brassy metal commonly referred to as "Bath Metal;" the Hibernia coins were made of copper. Denominations include the Farthing, Halfpenny, Penny, and Twopence, resulting in an interesting set of different sizes and designs. One of the most attractive designs, at least in our opinion, is the uncrowned rose on the back of the massive, undated Twopence.

Notes: This set has bonuses. Please see the Set Composition for a listing.

All-Time Finest (All Eras)

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1 Alamo Collection 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 92.31% 62.33 62.90 57.43
2 Garrett Collection 100.00% 57.09 R 57.13 57.13
3 Lafayette 92.31% 60.64 60.64 55.37
4 The Norweb Family 100.00% 55.13 R 55.13 55.13
5 OldSycamore 30.77% 45.50 45.50 11.87
6 MADELINE 38.46% 14.00 14.00 04.87