Massachusetts Silver Basic Set (1652-1682) All-Time Finest List

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The addition of all the possible denominations of Massachusetts Silver boosts this set up to 13 coins. These were the first silver coins produced in the English colonies, where the struggling pioneers needed a useful currency. Denominations include Twopence, Threepence, Sixpence, and Shilling, all based on the British monetary system. However, the designs were purely American and all of the coins were made in Boston, Massachusetts by John Hull. This is a challenging set that will require considerable patience, money, and perseverance just to find several of these coins.

All-Time Finest (All Eras)

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1 Garrett Collection 85.71% 45.36 R 45.36 32.56
2 The Norweb Family 78.57% 39.21 R 39.21 24.13
3 Regulated 42.86% 60.40 61.10 15.67
4 Skorupowski 50.00% 51.65 51.65 13.24
5 Richard Saunders Collection 42.86% 47.38 47.38 09.72