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1652 3Pence Pine Tree, No Pellets at trunk MS62 PCGS #45366

ex-Garrett. The Pine Tree Threepence is a tough coin in any grade. This example is one of the two finest seen of any variety, and has plenty of luster and virtually full legends.

1652 6Pence Pine Tree MS65 PCGS #22

Noe-33. Wildly better than any other Pine Tree Sixpence. Off-center on the obverse, but better than most of the variety, perfectly-centered reverse with full legends. Highly lustrous with no visible marks or hairlines and subtle, attractive lilac and russet toning. I am still attempting to track down the provenance of this piece, although it doesn't appear in any well-known collections.

1652 Shilling Pine Tree, Large Planchet, No Pellets MS62 PCGS #45370

Noe-2, the Straight Tree. The second finest Straight Tree seen. The present specimen has a lot of frost and has toned around the periphery.

1652 Shilling Pine Tree, Small Planchet MS64 PCGS #24

Finest Known Small Planchet Pine Tree Shilling of any variety. While Small Planchet Pines are plentiful, there are well under ten known examples in mint state. I have owned both MS64s, and this is the example that I kept for my collection.