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1807 Mint Set with Gold

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The new Capped Bust Half design by John Reich appeared this year, marking the beginning of a transition in U.S. coinage from the Draped Bust design of the late 18th century to the new Capped Bust design which would dominate U.S. coins for roughly the next 30 years or so. As the changeover did not occur until September of that year, some 300,000 of the older design were struck earlier in the year giving this year's set two distinct types. 1807 was a fairly active year at the mint, as five different denominations were struck - two in copper (Half Cent and Cent) and three in silver (Dime, Quarter and Half). Two gold denominations were made this year – a Quarter Eagle of the older Capped Bust Right design, and a Half Eagle, represented by two designs; Robert Scot's older Capped Bust Right and Reich's new Capped Bust Left type. With nine coins, this is an important transitional set, showing a full seven coin set of the old design, with the new design represented by two coins. Finishing this set would be a significant accomplishment and provide an excellent display of early American numismatics.

Notes: This set has bonuses. Please see the Set Composition for a listing.

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1 Louis Eliasberg 100.00% 61.26 R 61.26 61.26
2 William Dunham 100.00% 53.42 R 53.42 53.42
3 The Norweb Family 100.00% 53.32 R 53.32 53.32
4 Garrett Collection 100.00% 49.32 R 49.53 49.53
5 MG13 33.33% 14.50 14.50 06.11

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1 MG13 33.33% 14.50 14.50 06.11
2 Vinny Kid 11.11% 10.00 10.00 01.05