The Brian Vaile Legacy Set

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About This Set: The core of this set was originally put together by Brian Vaile, achieving the all-time highest ranked complete proof variety set. All original coins in his set carry "Gandyjai's DIVA PR Set" on their labels. On top of the difficult-to-find Cherrypicker FS- varieties, the set has two rare DIVa (Designated Ike Varieties)proof Ikes: the 71 "Nightcrawler", and the 73 "Snake Crater". As custodian of the set, I will upgrade in the rare instances that are possible - like a) adding a PR69DCAM FS-106 (to replace Brian's PR68DC FS-106), b) filling the originally open FS-801 slot eventually with a PR69DCAM that was originally found raw by Randy O'Donnell, c) replacing the original PR69DCAM 1974S silver with a DIVa micro-S variety of the same grade, and d) making a PR69DCAM FS-103 to replace the original PR68CAM FS-103.
Image Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade PCGS # Pop PCGS # Pop Higher Pop Pop Higher Comments
1971-S SILVER 97428 1971-S $1 PR69DCAM 33302 178 33775204
This is the rare "Nightcrawler" DIVa 1S2-401. There are less than 20 known examples of this single-die variety! Hubbed-through reverse: a linear shard of die metal slid off the eagle's left leg, and embedded near the talon, giving the appearance that the eagle is clutching a large worm. "Gandyjai's DIVA PR Set" on the label. ODV with full serif R. Obverse with TDO - tripling best seen in the left serif of the R, Ike's hair, the N in the motto, and the 9. Reverse with DDR seen in AMERICA, most stars, Dollar, and olive leafs. IDDD die stage AA - the W and E a barely kissing.
1971-S SILVER DDO FS-103 395913 1971-S $1 PR69DCAM 15 0 150
DIVa 1S1-301 MMP2 DMR2 with TDR. QA stickered.
1971-S SILVER DDO FS-106 395916 1971-S $1 PR69DCAM 29 0 290
True FS-106 - MMP matching Brain Vaile's original coin in this set. In total, 49 attributed by PCGS, 28 DCAM, 5 PR69 DCAM. But how many are true FS-106? I can verify that some in FS-106 holders are similar, but not the same die by MMP.
1971-S SILVER DDO FS-801 510591 1971-S $1 PR69DCAM 2 0 20
IMO, the King of Ike double dies - the FS-801. Certainly the grandest DDR of the Ike series. And perhaps the most rare. Only 6-7 known, this one is the one of five to wind up in a PCGS holder. I doubt that this reverse die came even close to reaching the average 1971 proof reverse die production of 2500 coins - who knows how many were actually released, and of those, how many are left. The reverse is Class V, with the pivot point at K 7. IDDDR-35, Wiles DDR-5, Wexler WDDR-010. The obverse is a Class II DDO, likely hub doubled. Listed as IDDO-48. This one was found by Randy O'Donnell (Ike Cherrypicker extraordinaire) in the original mint packaging.
1971-S SILVER TYPE 1 Reverse 1971-S $1 0 0 00
1972-S SILVER 97429 1972-S $1 PR69DCAM 24336 294 24621336
This actually a DDO/DDR - labeled "Minor Variety". "Gandyjai's DIVA PR Set" on the label. ODV with design peg leg.
1972-S SILVER DDO FS-101 396483 1972-S $1 PR69DCAM 39 2 392
Actually a TDO, DIVa 2SP-301. "Gandyjai's DIVA PR Set" on the label. ODV with design peg leg. Also has DDR (see photos).
1973-S CLAD 97430 1973-S $1 PR69DCAM 17650 34 1792739
"Gandyjai's DIVA PR Set" on the label. This one has a DDR (see photos).
1973-S SILVER 97431 1973-S $1 PR69DCAM 25355 64 2589977
This is the "Snake Crater" DIVA. Perhaps only 4 are known to exist. The snake-like "extra" appears to be slithering out of the edge of the big crater under the eagle. "Gandyjai's DIVA PR Set" on the label. DDR seen in the craters, leaves, FG, and LAR. Minor DDO seen in 73.
1973-S SILVER DDO FS-101 396480 1973-S $1 PR69DCAM 42 1 421
Only 21 are known in PCGS holders, with only 5 at this grade and none higher"Gandyjai's DIVA PR Set" on the label. Mated to a DDR (see photos).
1974-S CLAD 97432 1974-S $1 PR69DCAM 17284 14 1754923
"Gandyjai's DIVA PR Set" on the label. MMS-2b. Has DDR (see photo)
1974-S SILVER 97433 1974-S $1 PR69DCAM 20697 134 21359165
Micro-S. MMP3 - very rare. This coin carries the MMS-1 in a smaller, more open form, with field within the upper loop - the micro-s. Only four dies have been identified to produce 74S SP Micro-S coins. It has been estimated that only 1,000-2,000 were minted. DIVA - attributed by Brain Vaile. Unattributed DDO/DDR. (Brian Vaile Legacy Set)
1976-S CLAD TYPE 1 97434 1976-S $1 PR69DCAM 16723 17 1708320
"Gandyjai's DIVA PR Set" on the label. ODV with design peg leg. Has DDR (see photos).
1976-S CLAD TYPE 2 97435 1976-S $1 PR69DCAM 22565 38 2295644
"Gandyjai's DIVA PR Set" on the label. Unusual MM upper left shelf with tripling - a bit strange for DSSD?
1976-S SILVER 97436 1976-S $1 PR69DCAM 36699 112 37056121
"Gandyjai's DIVA PR Set" on the label. ODV with design peg leg. DDO/DDR (see photos)
1977-S 97437 1977-S $1 PR69DCAM 21642 124 22479152
"Gandyjai's DIVA PR Set" on the label.
1978-S 97438 1978-S $1 PR69DCAM 24400 200 25472229
"Gandyjai's DIVA PR Set" on the label.