The Magical Fruit

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About This Set: High-grade circulation strike examples of Liberty Seated Dollars (LSD’s) that escaped the melting pot only survive from scattered and seemingly random saving. The primary cause that continues to destroy the natural patina and skin on coins is cleaning which has many different forms and degrees. For decades chemical dips like potassium cyanide were recommended to strip away patina and leave coins bright. Well struck examples with smooth surfaces and natural toning are coveted by collectors. My experience has proven that the overwhelming majority of knowledgeable numismatists prefer silver coins from this time period that retain their original skin and display an antique look. The fact that specimens like these have beaten the overwhelming odds against them and survived with their natural surfaces is a miracle and makes them rare numismatic treasures.
This Collection of LSD is comprised of almost all, Choice AU, and UNC specimens. Every coin was methodically selected for its natural premium quality surfaces, and eye appeal. After over 25 years of collecting this series I continue to enjoy the challenge of acquiring new coins and improving each example. Many examples have been upgraded multiple times. Forging friendships with fellow collectors and helping them build their collections has proven to be most rewarding. Accurately reproducing luster and vibrant colored toning is beyond my photographic skills. The toning descriptions are more accurate than the pictures.
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