Vance Oglesbee Collection Coin Album

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1840 $1 AU58 PCGS #6926

An AU58 coin which I haven't been able to replace because it's really nice.

1841 $1 MS62 PCGS #6927

Stunning patina on an original coin.

1842 $1 MS63 PCGS #6928

Original dirty coin. Some dealers like to sell blast white coins which often means dipped.

1843 $1 MS63 PCGS #6929

The picture doesn't do this one justice. CAC liked it for what that's worth.

1844 $1 MS63 PCGS #6930

Very nice coin.

1846-O $1 MS61 PCGS #6933

This coin has the look of a higher grade.

1847 $1 MS61 PCGS #6934

Quite stunning for the grade. Friction in the right field.

1848 $1 AU58 PCGS #6935

I wish I could upgrade, but the coin is just too nice.

1849 $1 MS63 PCGS #6936

Original patina on a coin that looks better than many better graded coins.

1850 $1 MS63+ PCGS #6937

Sent to PCGS for what I thought was a sure 64. Lost my CAC sticker in the process.

1854 $1 MS63 PCGS #6942

Mainly white but clearly not cleaned like a lot of certified coins.

1856 $1 MS63 PCGS #6944

Look at the higher graded coins. This one is a lot nicer.

1857 $1 MS63 PCGS #6945

Very nice coin.

1859-O $1 MS63 PCGS #6947

Common date? Not like this.

1860-O $1 MS63 PCGS #6950

The other "common" coin. Original and not baggy.

1862 $1 MS63 PCGS #6952

Luster outweighs a few bagmarks. Some die striations from over polishing the dies.

1864 $1 MS62 PCGS #6954

Bought this one because it has bling. I like the die striations which serve as an identifier on this coin.

1866 $1 Motto MS62 PCGS #6959

Very nice coin likely under graded. I'm guessing PCGS doesn't appreciate the darker toning. Virtually mark free.

1870 $1 MS63 PCGS #6963

Trueview image.

1870-CC $1 XF45 PCGS #6964

At least it's original and accurately graded.

1871 $1 MS64 PCGS #6966

Technically a 64 but incredible look. The Simpson Coin.

1872 $1 MS62 PCGS #6968

Certainly a strong 62 from a nice dealer.

1872-CC $1 AU50 PCGS #6969

A rare original properly graded coin.

1873 $1 Seated MS62+ PCGS #6971

Common date but rarer than a scarce Morgan.