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About This Set: From the Experts at PCGS
This is the undisputed all-time greatest set of Morgan dollars. In fact, it is one of the finest individual sets of United States coins ever assembled. It contains more than the 97 required coins; in fact, there are 175 coins in the set, not counting the proofs. Of those 175 coins (mint state and proof-like and deep mirror proof-like) there are 172 that qualify as the finest graded or tied for the finest graded. An incredible accomplishment combining unprecedented patience, dedication, and resources. Highlights of the Jack Lee Collection are an 1884-S graded MS68, the famous Wayne Miller 1886-O graded MS67DMPL, the Eliasberg 1889-CC graded MS68, the Norweb 1893-S graded MS67, an 1896-O graded MS66, an 1896-S graded an unbelievable MS69, and literally every other coin in the collection.
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Very nice set!! I reached #2 for the 1891 Mint Set, my Goal it to reach top 20 for this set!

Posted at 4/6/2019 3:53 PM by Mr.3X

Very nice Set. I hope to one day have a complete set for my two boys.

Posted at 2/24/2019 6:18 PM by NC Boys

I wish to one day complete this set on my own with coins of any grade and I wish to view this set in person if that is ever possible.

Posted at 1/18/2019 11:42 AM by kyle.mihalko

Dear Jack Lee, family and friends, thank you for being able to meet you through your HOF registry set, through the comments on this page and for the inspiration you have given others and myself. This 13th comment on Friday the 13th, my lucky day, and lucky number, further shows the wonderful impact of Jack Lee! Sincerely with great respect, Alan Tyler

Posted at 4/13/2018 11:21 AM by [email protected]

Simply amazing set of coins. I can only dream to own a coin that would qualify for a set such as this. I would love to be able to see detailed photos of these coins.

Posted at 9/13/2017 5:17 PM by [email protected]

You have inspired so many numismatic collectors over the years with fabulous set collections. Thank you for such a wonderful journey.

Posted at 6/15/2014 2:47 PM by Sourdough

Thanks for the tour Jack it was wonderfull. Quite a pleasure to see. a personal thanks.

Posted at 6/20/2013 5:40 PM by Parlayer

MS 69 Morgans. Stunning set.

Posted at 7/25/2010 11:34 AM by 1 The RJ

I was so priviledged to meet Jack at the 2006 Fun Show and bought a 1903 MS 66 from him. I was unaware of who he was at the time and later was amazed at how nice he was to me. There was something special about him that I admired and hopefully we will all become better people because of him. May God Bless the Lee family.

Posted at 2/18/2010 7:27 AM by esthermcalister

Jack Lee is my coin hero.

Posted at 10/31/2008 11:26 PM by uscoincollector

Mr. Jack Lee. An 1884-S in Mint State 68. Wow. That is beyond words.

Posted at 10/20/2008 7:01 PM by uscoincollector

Jack, you were always available, open, and warm. It was something that very few people that have accomplished what you have possess in a personal manner. It was great to see your smiling face at the ANA and I hope to see you again someday, when I come "up". May God Bless

Posted at 8/18/2008 3:43 PM by ashmore86

God Bless you Jack Lee. Thank you for letting me hold in person the finest 1889 CC Morgan ever graded at PCGS. I will always have a piece of you with me in my collection. Jack sold me a 1900 O/CC VAM 8 PCGS 65 at the February 2006 Long Beach coin show. There will never be another human in the hobby as nice as Jack !!!

Posted at 8/18/2008 2:25 PM by Stokjockey

8-18-08 Jack, I will miss you at the ALL the Coin shows you attended. More than that though, I will miss your always smiling face and superbly Gentleman qualities. REST IN PEACE, Jack - Tony Adkins

Posted at 8/18/2008 1:25 PM by chrisnapolitano

Jack Lee is one of the nicest Men that I have ever met personally in the numismatic hobby. God bless you for all the kindness and time you shared with me when I met you.

Posted at 6/11/2008 2:19 AM by Stokjockey

wow dude

Posted at 4/3/2008 3:21 PM by safe

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