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This is a tough set to improve on, these don't come on the market often !

Posted at 5/24/2024 12:38 PM by GoldFinger

Wow. Best set!

Posted at 8/15/2023 10:58 PM by Orsha

Beautiful set. Very lovely..

Posted at 7/18/2023 7:00 AM by Coin Bank Frank

Very nice set! I have something to aspire to now.

Posted at 6/10/2023 7:24 PM by (Anonymous User)

The most amazing examples. Thank you

Posted at 5/13/2023 2:46 PM by GP6fr23

Setting the standard!

Posted at 5/9/2023 7:32 PM by Zacariaslc

Just gorgeous!

Posted at 1/31/2023 9:08 AM by (Anonymous User)

Beautiful set that earns every bit of the top spot!

Posted at 8/30/2022 12:44 PM by LeMieux

Very nice set! Something to strive for.

Posted at 8/23/2022 10:15 AM by [email protected]

nice see

Posted at 7/1/2022 4:21 PM by SMIFF2015

Thats a set to look up to!

Posted at 5/6/2022 8:30 PM by Wulfjon

Great set! I just finished my Morgan Mintmark Type set today, 8 years after you set this incredibly high rating! Gives me something to shoot for. ;)

Posted at 9/16/2021 7:56 PM by Marbran

Nice collection. I bet that was a hint and a half!! Thanks for sharing

Posted at 9/8/2021 9:16 AM by Doubledieguy

Beautiful collection! Thank you for sharing!

Posted at 6/10/2021 3:45 PM by Reward11b

Beautiful set!

Posted at 4/22/2021 7:00 PM by Ryandtownsend

Wow, incredible!

Posted at 4/20/2021 7:33 PM by Mapdude

Well done, absolutely stunning set!

Posted at 11/3/2020 10:37 PM by Fivekiller

Wow, awesome Morgans.

Posted at 10/9/2020 5:51 PM by C_C History

Your dedication to near perfection is inspiring... CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS

Posted at 10/8/2020 2:01 AM by gcaro68

Stunning 1879 S!

Posted at 8/31/2020 10:11 PM by Espresso God

Very nice!

Posted at 8/24/2020 5:38 AM by dshea215

Absolutely beautiful set.

Posted at 7/24/2020 7:45 PM by BBurge

This is a great set. Congratulations.

Posted at 6/28/2020 6:26 PM by slidejob57


Posted at 6/17/2020 4:47 AM by Bbell1630

Crazy cool

Posted at 6/6/2020 10:44 AM by JacobHammers

very nice

Posted at 4/8/2020 11:12 AM by dotsonjody

Fantastic! Not sure that can be beat.

Posted at 3/16/2020 11:55 AM by [email protected]

Wow, Beautiful!

Posted at 1/2/2020 2:27 PM by brock151

Incredible set

Posted at 12/1/2019 3:39 PM by [email protected]

Amazing set!!! Super pretty and stunning coins!!!! WOW!!!

Posted at 11/23/2019 12:27 PM by Still In Circ

Well done. I certainly aspire to such as this...however unlikely!

Posted at 9/9/2019 9:13 PM by jsays

Very impressive.

Posted at 6/27/2019 9:12 PM by Calico4twenty


Posted at 6/19/2019 3:36 PM by BIGWEBB

Love those blustery morgans

Posted at 6/19/2019 3:35 PM by BIGWEBB

Beautiful set.

Posted at 1/20/2019 11:54 PM by SelectSpade1

Beautiful collection.

Posted at 1/18/2019 12:26 PM by Lkmayo

Nice set !!

Posted at 1/18/2019 10:40 AM by TShrier

Wow that’s def a top set

Posted at 1/18/2019 10:21 AM by r.spain59

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL set! Stunning.

Posted at 1/14/2019 6:15 PM by Dixiepig

Most impressive Mint Mark set I have ever seen. All plus (+) coins and virtually impossible to improve upon. .

Posted at 6/12/2013 9:28 AM by Sourdough

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