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1878-CC $1 MS60DMPL PCGS #97081

Great mirrors and look. Was the die pair I had been searching for. 60 DMPL's are not a grade you see everyday, though I think this should be higher. OGH

1879-O $1 MS61DMPL PCGS #97091

Deep mirrors for the date.

1879-S $1 MS65DMPL PCGS #97093

Ex: Key West Collection, finally got the coin 2 years after first seeing it. This coin has a look I love.

1888-O $1 MS64DMPL PCGS #97185

Good contrast coin and in a PCGS Breast Cancer Awareness holder.

1903 $1 MS64PL PCGS #7285

Ex: DT Miller, a very pleasing coin for the year.