Trader 1873 Coin Album

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1873-CC T$1 Trade MS62 PCGS #7032

Soft golden toning, no marks

1873-S T$1 Trade MS64 PCGS #7033

.9mm High S Mintmark

1874-CC T$1 MS64 PCGS #7035

Perfect 64, medium cc. Also have large CC PCGS 63

1875 T$1 MS64 PCGS #7037

Type 1/2,DMPL, Light toning

1875-CC T$1 MS63 PCGS #7038

Type 1/1, White, Full Mint Frost, A Few Bag Marks. Also Type 1/2 MS60 PCGS

1875-S/CC T$1 MS63 PCGS #7040

Original toning C to left of S, Also MS62 PCGS with C to right of S.

1876 T$1 MS64 PCGS #7041

Type 1/2, DMPL. Also have type 1/1 MS64 PCGS and type 1/2 MS64 PCGS White with full mint frost.

1876-CC T$1 MS61 PCGS #7042

Type 1/1 Wide CC, Solid 61. Also Type 1/2 AU58 PCGS.

1876-S T$1 MS64 PCGS #7043

Type 1/1 Beautiful light gold toning. Also have type 1/2 PCGS MS62 and type 2/2 PCGS MS61

1877 T$1 MS64 PCGS #7044

Full Strike with full mint frost

1877-S T$1 MS64 PCGS #7046

Minute s, White, Full mint frost. Also have Large S MS63 PCGS

1878-S T$1 Trade MS63 PCGS #7048

Solid 63, Blast white large clear S. Also medium filled s in PCGS 63