One Dollar Gold Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (1849-1889) - CAC All-Time Finest List

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This composite is for PCGS-graded coins that have been stickered by CAC. When adding coins to this set, they will be cross checked against CAC's certification verification to ensure legitimacy.

This long-lived series is composed of three different types and includes rarities from such romantic Mints as Dahlonega, Charlotte, and New Orleans as well as San Francisco and Philadelphia. These small coins are rich in history, and many issues were minted in extremely small quantities. Some of the low-mintage dates were hoarded in Gem condition, most notably those of 1879-89, while others are unknown in Mint State 65 or better. This is another series that is filled with rarities, but it makes a magnificent set when completed.

All-Time Finest (All Eras)

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1 D. L. Hansen One Dollar Gold- CAC 52.63% 64.53 65.08 32.98
2 AllSaints 23.68% 55.61 55.61 14.55
3 TurtleCat UPDATED 23.68% 62.43 62.43 06.97
4 One Dollar Gold Basic Set (2nd Set), Circulation Strikes (1849-1889) - CAC 14.47% 60.00 60.05 06.87
5 Island City One Dollar Set CAC 11.84% 59.94 59.94 02.78