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About This Set: Since the suspension of the gold dollar coinage in 1889 the it has been much used for ornament and jewelry. Regardless of date or condition it has attracted great attention from many collectors who have sought no other gold series. Mint marked issues have become generally very rare numbering thirty-five in all.

New Orleans or O issue has six dates as follows: 1849, '50, '51, '52, '53 and '55. The 1850 only is rare.

The precious Dahlonega or 'D' mint issues are thirteen, of the years 1849, '50, '51, '52, '53, '54, '55, '56, '57, '58, '59, '60 and '61. Of these 1852 and '53 are rare; 1854, '57 and '58 are very rare; 1860, exceedingly rare; 1855 , '56, and 61 are excessively rare,

The Charlotte or 'C' mint issues are nine - 1849, '50, '51, '52, '53, ('54), '55, '57 and '59. Of these, 1859, '50, '52 and '55 range from very rare to rare, and '54 is not to be considered attainable as, according to the Report, but four pieces were coined and these are now unknown.

The 'S' or San Francisco issues are seven - 1854, '56, '57, '58, '59, '60 and '70, all being obtainable but the latter, which is excessively rare.

The following details will be of interest regarding the mintages named: The '49 O has a small planchet, small o and open wreath (at top). The '50 O has a small planchet, small o, slanting 5 and close wreath. '51, '52 and '53 are similar, but with a large 'O,' and '55 has a slanting 5, close wreath and large O on a large planchet.

The '49 D and the '50 and '51 have small planchets and small D'S, the'49 an open wreath, and the others a slanting 5. The '52, '53 and '54 have small planchets and close wreaths, but the '52 and '53 have a large D, and the '54 a small one. 1855 D has a large planchet and a small D, a slanting 5 and a close wreath. 1856 D has a large planchet, a large D, an upright 5 and a close wreath, as have all the following (except as regards the absent 5 in '60 and '6l). The latter two dates are much smaller than the others.

The 49 C has a small planchet, a small c and a close wreath, thus differing from the two other mintages of this date, the Philadelphia Dollar of 1849 having both varieties. '50 and '51 C are similar to '49 C, and with a slanting 5. 1852 and '53 C are similar, except in having a large C. 1855 C has a large planchet and a small c with close wreath and slanting 5 as before. 1857 and '59 have a large planchet, a large C, an upright 5 and the wreath continuing close.

The 1854 S has a small planchet, a large S, a slanting 5 and a close wreath. There was no coinage in 1855 at the Charlotte Mint. The '56 and following S dates have a large planchet and S, an upright 5 and the wreath close as usual. The 1860 S has a smaller date than the others.

All the gold Dollars present, on the obverse, a woman's head of classic character on the small planchet and an Indian girl's head with a plumed coronet on the large. There are two sizes of the Indian head. The smaller size of the Philadelphia date of 1855 is also seen on the O, C and D mintages of the same date and on the S mintage of 1856. All other large planchet dates have the larger Indian head.

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