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1854 G$1 Type 2 AU58+ PCGS #7531

Fully struck at the date and the word DOLLAR. Purchased from Dallas Langham at the 2017 CSNS show.

1857-C G$1 XF45 PCGS #7545

A slightly better than average planchet on this notoriously poor quality issue from the Charlotte Mint.Purchased at the 1981 Alabama Numismatic Society show.

1851-D G$1 AU55 PCGS #7515

A really nice coin from the Dahlonega Mint. Purchased from Mid-American Rare Coin Auctions 1985 GNA sale of the Dr. Jasper L. Robertson Collection. Lot 1113. It was partially described there as: " Attractive, golden orange toning. There is also considerable mint luster still adhering about the devices. This coin would be ideal for inclusion in a Type set."

1851-O G$1 AU58 PCGS #7516

Variety Two with strong stars all the way around. Purchased from GS Rare Coins in December 2018.

1856-S G$1 AU50 PCGS #7536

Normal S variety. CAC sticker. Purchased from Dalton Gold & Silver Exchange, Inc. at the 2022 Coin X show. Previously from Heritage Auctions Summer FUN July 7,2011 sale lot 4532. Later from Scotsman Coin July 22,2022 sale lot 305 where it was partially described as " A marvelously original example, the surface glints with carrot-gold and mustard-orange nuances. Smoothly worn and still showing dashes of frosty texture, the visual appeal couldn't be much better at the basal AU grade. " A very nice Type Two $1 Gold.