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1852-C G$1 MS64+ PCGS #7518

1852-C Gold Dollar. Winter-2. MS-64+ (PCGS). CAC. This is one of the most exciting Charlotte Mint gold coins of any denomination or date that we have offered in recent sales. It is a thoroughly PQ example with quality and eye appeal seldom seen in Southern gold coins from this mint. The luster is full, bright and frosty, and the fields are modestly semi-reflective. The coin exhibits vivid medium gold color throughout, as well as a bold to sharp strike. Most features are fully rendered, in fact, and softness in the center of the reverse affecting the letters LA in DOLLAR is the result of a shallow, Mint-made depression in the planchet that is also present on the 2008 Winter plate coin, among others that we have handled over the years. (This feature is likely the result of foreign matter adhering to the reverse die.) In the absence of significant marks, this is a smooth-looking coin in hand with exceptional eye appeal. From a mintage for the date of just 9,434 pieces, down more than 31,833 pieces from the Charlotte Mint gold dollar output of the preceding year. This elusive issue is found in VF or EF more often than not, and even pleasing Choice AU coins are definitely among the minority of the 250 to 350 examples thought to exist. Mint State survivors of all stripes are rare, while with the quality, originality and eye appeal offered here they are exceedingly so. This is the last Charlotte Mint gold dollar until the Type II 1855-C, and after that the Carolina Mint issued gold dollars in just two years, 1857 and 1859. A fantastic condition rarity that would do equal justice to a gold dollar collection or an advanced Southern gold cabinet. Winter-2 is the more readily obtainable die pairing of the 1852-C gold dollar, and it is readily identifiable by repunching to the digits 18 in the date. The offered coin reveals faint clash marks in the fields when studied under magnification. PCGS Population: 1; 1 finer (MS-65 finest). CAC Population: 4; 1. The former total includes coins certified both MS-64 and MS-64+.

1854-D G$1 MS62 PCGS #7526

Ex. John O Sykes Dahlonega Mint Collection

1851-O G$1 MS64+ PCGS #7516

CAC A wonderful near-GEM example of this popular New Orleans mint gold dollar. A strong mint luster radiates boldly with an intense brilliance. Well struck and nicely preserved, the surfaces are clean and free of any kind of distracting marks of any kind. The outstanding eye appeal is further enhanced by a warm orange-gold coloration. Conditionally challenging any finer! Ex Maurice Storck Collection, Heritage, October 2020, lot 18309.