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1849-O G$1 MS65 PCGS #7508

A very well struck example with a full date and mintmark. Very rare in Gem.

1853-O G$1 MS64 PCGS #7524

A very choice example of this common date with great color and luster.

1839-O $2.50 MS63 PCGS #7701

A superb, fresh example with glowing golden-orange color and wonderful luster. Always in demand as the first gold coin from this mint.

1840-O $2.50 MS62 PCGS #7720

Struck from an early state of the dies with remarkable detail noted at the centers. One of the finest known.

1842-O $2.50 MS62 PCGS #7726

One of the few known of this date with a full strike and very rare as such. Certainly among the finest known.

1843-O $2.50 Small Date MS62 PCGS #7731

Previously in an NGC MS63 holder and seemingly undergraded in its current slab.

1843-O $2.50 Large Date MS62 PCGS #7732

The second finest known example of thisrare and very underrated variety and one of the few we have seen with fully original color.

1847-O $2.50 MS62 PCGS #7747

Somewhat prooflike with rich orange-gold color. Typical strike but uncommonly attractive. Among the best known.

1850-O $2.50 MS62 PCGS #7758

One of the best struck examples known with great color and luster as well. Another Condition Census quarter eagle.

1851-O $2.50 MS62 PCGS #7762

Remarkably well struck for the issue with nearly full detail noted at the centers and borders. This lustrous piece is a late die state with little of the repunching on the date visible below light magification.

1852-O $2.50 MS62 PCGS #7766

A well struck and very fresh example of a date that is nearly never seen with original color and surfaces. Very rare in this grade and among the finest known.

1856-O $2.50 MS62 PCGS #7780

The Finest Known example of a very rare and much overlooked date. magificent rich natural orange-gold color covers clean, frosty surfaces. Incredible quality for this date!

1857-O $2.50 MS63 PCGS #7784

Not that rare in the lower Uncirculated grades but very rare in MS63 and certainly among the best known. This piece is notable for its great strike and fresh appearance.

1854-O $3 AU55 PCGS #7971

Sure it''''''''s a common coin in lower grades. But just try to find a nice, original (and well struck) example like this. Here''''''''s an example with great color and uncommonly choice surfaces.

1840-O $5 MS63 PCGS #8200

From the Pittman Collection and one of the finest known of this important first year. Before Pittman owned this coin it was in the Col. Green collection. Superb color, luster and eye appeal make this a memorable coin.

1842-O $5 MS61 PCGS #8212

From the Bass collection and one of just two verified Uncirculated examples known (the other being the PCGS MS63 Eliasberg coin). A highlight of this collection.

1843-O $5 Large Letters AU58 PCGS #8216

Very lusttous with nice color and typical surfaces. Scarcer than generally believed, especially in grades above AU50 and among the best graded by PCGS.

1844-O $5 MS63 PCGS #8222

Superb rich forsty luster and a bold strike make this one of the finest known examples of this relatively common date. Superb for the grade!

1845-O $5 MS63 PCGS #8225

Ex Bass, Gilhousen. Harry Bass paid an incredible $2,000 for this in 1973. Plated in the Akers book on half eagles and one of the single nicest New Orleans half eagle in existence. I love this coin!!!

1846-O $5 MS62 PCGS #8230

This is either the second or third finest known of no more than five Uncirculated examples. Nicely toned with rich orange-gold colors over very frosty surfaces.

1847-O $5 AU55 PCGS #8235

The 1847-O is the rarest New Orleans half eagle. It is unique in Uncirculated and there are just a handful known in AU. This piece is the lowest grade half eagle in the Pinnacle Collection but one of the rarest.

1851-O $5 MS61 PCGS #8249

One of probably no more than four or five Uncirculated pieces known. A trifle of striking weakness can be seen on the obverse but the overall quality of this coin for the date and grade is incredible.

1857-O $5 MS61 PCGS #8274

The final No Motto New Orleans half eagle and another mjor rarity in Uncirculated with no more than three to five known. Lovely color and surfaces.

1892-O $5 MS62 PCGS #8381

A very scarce coin in all grades with just 10,000 struck. While overshadowed by some of the No Motto issues listed prevously, this is actually one of the rarer pieces in this collection.

1894-O $5 MS63 PCGS #8388

The highest graded by PCGS and very possibly among the finest known. Seemingly common but hard to find in any grade above MS61.

1841-O $10 AU55 PCGS #8583

Only 2500 struck and one of the two or three rarest New Orleans eagles. Unknown in Uncirculated and extremely undervalued in higher grades.

1845-O $10 AU58 PCGS #8593

Repunched 84 in date. Fully original and very rare in this grade. Only two to four are known in Uncirculated.

1848-O $10 AU58 PCGS #8600

Totally original and a perfect "slider" with just a hint of rubbing on the spots.

1849-O $10 AU58 PCGS #8602

One of the hardest dates in the series to find with origjnal color and surfaces. This piece shows a typical strike but is very high end with good color and no serious marks.

1850-O $10 AU58 PCGS #8605

Very lustrous and choice for the grade. The weakness of strike is typical of this date. Only two or three Uncirculated pieces are known and this is among the best AU's we have seen.

1851-O $10 MS60 PCGS #8607

One of the only "common" No Motto eagles from this mint in higher grades but actually quite rare in Uncirculated. A very high end coin for the grade that looks at least a point or two higher to the naked eye.

1854-O $10 Large Date AU58 PCGS #98614

Superb deep orange-gold color on the obverse and reverse. Almost every example of this date has been dipped at one time, making this a highly desirable piece for the specialist. The date logotype is from the silver dollar.

1857-O $10 AU58 PCGS #8623

One of only 5,500 struck and a very rare coin above AU50. Yes, that is a mint-made planchet defect through the date.

1860-O $10 AU58 PCGS #98631

High end for the grade with origional color and surfaces; there are none of the often-seen mint made planchet problems. Rare in 58 and only one graded higher at PCGS.

1881-O $10 MS61 PCGS #8693

The second finest known example of this underappeciated date and alovely original coin with thick satiny luster below rich natural russet and amber color.

1883-O $10 AU58 PCGS #8701

With a mintage figure of just 800 coins (!) this is the rarest New Orleans eagle and one of the rarest issues of any denomination produced at this mint. This is a superb Condition Census example with gorgeous original color and lightly worn, relatively clean surfaces.

1888-O $10 MS63 PCGS #8713

Common in lower Uncirculated grades but very scarce in MS63 and essentially unknown above this.

1892-O $10 MS62 PCGS #8723

Excellent color makes this a very eye appealing example for the grade.

1894-O $10 MS63 PCGS #8730

Very clean for the issue with nice color and original surfaces. Note the interesting inner ring which is seen on many 1894-O eagles.

1895-O $10 MS62 PCGS #8733

Much nicer than usually seen for the grade with just a few slight abrasions.

1897-O $10 MS63 PCGS #8738

Very high end with the eye appeal of a coin graded at least one point higher. Very fresh with good color and surfaces.

1899-O $10 MS63 PCGS #8743

A nice example of a date which is easily the scarcest of the post-1883 New Orleans eagles. Very few have been graded higher than MS63 by PCGS.

1901-O $10 MS64 PCGS #8748

Superb deep orange-gold and grenish color can be seen on the obverse and reverse. A really pretty coin!

1903-O $10 MS63 PCGS #8753

A little bit of "euro-grime" on the relief areas attests to the originality of this piece.

1904-O $10 MS65 PCGS #8756

From the standpoint of condition, the highlight of the Pinnacle Collection's set of eagles. This coin has exceptional color and luster.

1906-O $10 MS64 PCGS #8761

A borderline Gem with one small hit seen on the chin of Liberty. One of the few New Orleans eagles that can sometimes be found in this high grade.

1850-O $20 XF45 PCGS #8903

PQ for the grade looks AU great detail, very reflective.

1851-O $20 XF45 PCGS #8905

A nice medium grade example of one of the more available New Orleans double eagles.

1852-O $20 XF40 PCGS #8907

A solid EF with some luster seen in the protected areas.

1857-O $20 XF45 PCGS #8921

Very original and reflective, choice for the grade. From the Three Rivers Collection.

1858-O $20 XF45 PCGS #8924

Totally original and very clean with great color and surfaces. Extremely hard to find like this.