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1856 1C Flying Eagle PR64 PCGS #148710

As noted by Rick Snow in his "The Flying Eagle and Indian Cent Attribution Guide", the 1856 S-1 is important as the probable prototype striking of the first small cents. The obverse is that of also the 1856 S-3 specimens, but the reverse is rarely seen. It has been speculated that once the ONE CENT on the reverse was noted to be slightly slanted clockwise, perhaps that die was destroyed. As the finest of the known ten S-1s, this coin displays the typical chocolate brown toning of the variety.

1858 1C Large Letters PR66CAM PCGS #82042

Of the small Flying Eagle Proofs, the 1858 LLs tend to have the most eye appeal due to their strong mirrors and sharpness of strike. This 1858 LL PR-1 PR66CAM20is th absolute finset known of its kind and only the above 1856 S-3 PR66 rivals it for being the most beautiful coin of the small Flying Eagle cent series.