Beach Indians Coin Album

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1859 1C MS64 PCGS #2052

Lots and lots of Red.

1860 1C MS64 PCGS #2058

{PS} S-1 CC#1 Cool Reverse. Unique!

1861 1C RPD FS-301 S-1 (006.45) MS64 PCGS #37394

Plate coin for variety & grade in PCGS's Coin Facts

1864 1C RPD FS-2305 S-2 MS64RB PCGS #37406

{PS} wide RPD similar to S-1

1865 1C RPD FS-301 S-1 (007.4) MS64RB PCGS #37433

{PS} best pln 5 variety (I think)

1872 1C MS64RB PCGS #2104

{PS} S-5 variety