Greenhornet Large Cents

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About This Set: My passion for Large Cents began while searching through a bag of foreign coins at my local coin shop and coming upon a unintentionally placed treasure; a 1794 Liberty Cap Large Cent. Upon discovery of the coin I became entrenched in identifying the die pair, as well as educating myself on the history of such an old and whimsical looking copper.

Throughout my time as a collector I have enjoyed collecting many types of coins and it is very difficult to narrow my focus entirely to copper but of all the US type coins, the large cent remains my favorite.

My passion for Braided Hair large cents ignited after I got my copy of Bob Grellman's attribution Varieties of United States Large Cents 1840-1857.

I not only found that I enjoyed the challenging attribution the endless varieties of dies and die states but I also really enjoyed the aesthetic appeal of these coins.

Gobrecht's Liberty has just such a pleasing, well intended appearance. It drips with 19th century Americana. Unlike the "obese ward matron" prior, the Braided Hair Large Cents have a crisp, youthful, and just overall better appearance.

While I would love to complete an entire collection of large cents, the earlier dates in presentable condition are just beyond reach for my budget.

This collection of slightly over 30 coins presents a comfortable goal while still maintaining quite a bit of challenge in high grade.

My ultimate desire for the set is to have every coin MS60 or better, but some coins may have to be AU+ due to scarcity and budget.

Eye appeal is also a primary goal. Not all coins need to be CAC, but they will need be free of recoloring, excessive spotting, or noticeable marks, or any number of other issues that plague these coins.

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