D. L. Hansen Large Cents Circulation and Proof (1793-1857) Coin Album

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1795 1C Reeded Edge G4BN PCGS #1383

Clapp- Newcomb- Sheldon- Naftzger- Holmes- Hansen

1797 1C S-138 Rev of '97, Stems MS66RB PCGS #35946

Mills- Chapman- French-B. Max Mehl- Sternberg- Sheldon- Naftzger- Parrino- Holmes- Hansen

1802 1C S-234 MS67RB PCGS #36312

Newcomb- Morganthau- Sheldon- Naftzger- Parrino- Holmes- Pogue- Hansen

1819/8 1C MS62BN PCGS #1612

Last needed OGH

1840 1C N-1 Small Date MS65RB PCGS #395819

CAC- Morgan- Morganthau- Clark- Naftzger- ESM- Hansen

1844 1C Newcomb 5 MS64RB PCGS #397732

CAC- Milas- Naftzger- Goldman- Twin Leaf- Hansen

1849 1C Newcomb 2 MS66RB PCGS #405638

CAC - Naftzger