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About This Set: I have collected Lincoln cents since youth and have always had a fondness for both the series and design. Initially, I saved coins from change and searched many bags of parking meter pennies to fill those many holes in my Whitman. I was one of the fortunate that was able to assemble a complete set from circulation by the time I was 18, this being done with help from my brother who also still actively collects. Over the past several years, my interest in the higher grade Lincoln’s has been sparked which has defined my goal of assembling a solid red set destined for ultimate passage to my heirs. While it is impossible to recognize all those who have helped in this endeavor, Ira Stein stands out as being my single most important asset. He has provided invaluable counsel and assisted me in the procurement of many of the coins contained in this set . He has also been a friend to me as well as to the hobby. With the recent increased interest in the Lincoln series, there have been and will be several new fine sets added to the registry. Many of these have or will ultimately surpass mine in quality. This is the nature of the hobby and only adds to its interest and my fascination in what others have been able to accomplish. My belief is that coins and collections should be shared and as time permits, I hope to post images of at least portions of the set for those interested.

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I dig the name of the collection 😎

Posted at 2/24/2023 1:02 PM by May0r0fWheatt0wn

Impressive set but surprised to not find one "plus" graded coin. Curious if this is by choice or chance?

Posted at 2/8/2018 4:52 PM by [email protected]

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