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About This Set: I started collecting coins with my Dad when I was 4 years old. Man! I thought those blue Whitman books he had were the coolest thing in the world! My Dad at the time needed 5 coins to finish his collection (SVDB, 14-D, 22-D, 24-D and the 23). Yeah, I know the 23?!. Even as I write this, I still wonder how that happened? I remember thinking I would never finish the 1941 to date book let alone the 1909 to 1940 book that he gave me. Anyway, through the years I have always collected Lincolns adding a few here and there. The collection you see below is a work in progress that I began in the summer of 1968. It has obviously been upgraded over the years and I plan to continue to "upgrade it" as I find nicer examples.

One important note: As we all know, every coin is different even if it has the same grade. Many people have tried to come up with a system that separate coins within the same grade using stickers, PQ designations or decimal point numbers (sometimes referred to as grade within a grade) etc. The system I am using as a collector is “Best of”. If you decide to browse through my sets you will notice that in the Owner comments some (and hopefully later many) have a “Best of 2” or “Best of 5” designation. So for example, when it says “Best of 5” that means Andy Skabalak of Angels Dees or I have compared 5 encapsulated coins in that exact same PCGS grade side by side. Once this process has been completed, the best one has been pulled for my collection. That number will increase as I compare additional examples to my current “best of” coin and decide which one to keep.

Thank you for allowing me to share my collection with you.

Best Regards,


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Very nice set and my pleasure to add the 29-D to one fine collection!!!!

Posted at 2/29/2008 5:28 AM by PCGS

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