Curry’s Prism of Color Date Set 1909-1958 Coin Album

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1909 VDB 1C MS66BN PCGS #2423

"Pacific Blue" Ex. lllini420/M. Kittle, CopperColor, MonsterCoinz| A twin to another top MS66BN that resides in the Coyote Ugly Lincoln Cent Collection | Gold Rating

1910 1C MS64RB PCGS #2436

"Reactor Core" Ex. coinsplusinc. | Silver Rating

1911 1C MS65BN PCGS #2441

“Citrine Dream” Ex. CopperColor, L. Cowle, 66RB, yKnot, WingedLiberty | I waited about a year from the first time I saw it to when I finally got my hands on it, worth every penny. Thanks Paul! | Gold Rating

1912 1C MS65BN PCGS #2450

"Dark Knight" Ex. J. Wendt Vivid_Coins | Gold Rating

1913 1C MS64BN PCGS #2459

"Emerald Gloss" Ex. WingedLiberty, CopperColor | Old 7 digit cert number, this coin is unique to the set, hard to describe unless you view it in person | Gold Rating

1915-D 1C MS64BN PCGS #2480

“Cotton Candy Green Apple

1917 1C MS64RB PCGS #2496

"Ring of Color" Ex. Robec | TrueView is not accurate for the color | Gold Rating

1919 1C MS64RB PCGS #2514

“Green Tiger” Ex. MarylandCoins| The only green tone wood grain toning that I could find. A very neat piece that graded MS64BN by NGC and MS65RB by ANACS. | Gold Rating

1920-D 1C MS65BN PCGS #2525

"Buried Gem" Ex. CopperColor, Ronyahski

1923 1C MS65BN PCGS #2543

Ex. Lincolncentman “Green Fiesta” | The Green encompasses almost the whole coin, Im a total sucker for green and this coin will hold the position for years to come.|Gold Rating

1924 1C MS65BN PCGS #2549

"Cherry Vomit" Ex. Abe's Coloring Book | Gold Rating

1925-S 1C MS66BN PCGS #2564

"Kona Blue" Ex. Abe’s Coloring Book | 1 of 3 in 66BN, none graded finer in any designation for 1925 S. $12k-36k in MS65RD, this coin is super underrated at only $3k-4k in MS66BN| Gold Rating

1926 1C MS64BN PCGS #2567

“Queen Elizabeth” Ex. Heritage Auctions | Date and mint combo not normally seen in rainbow colors.

1927 1C MS64RB PCGS #2577

“Teich” Ex. Teich, Ronyahski | CAC Sticker | Silver Rating

1928 1C MS65RB PCGS #2586

"Pocket Rainbow" Ex. L&C Coins, WingedLiberty | Easily the center piece of the set. Beautiful and clean rainbow toning. The first “monster toned” Lincoln introduced to the set. Possible upgrade to MS66BN. Lovely Coin and truly original.| Gold Rating

1929 1C MS65BN PCGS #2594

Ex. Lincolncentman

1930-D 1C MS65BN PCGS #2606

“Lucky Abe” Ex. WingedLiberty | Old cert | Gold Rating

1931-S 1C MS66BN PCGS #2618

“Nuclear Doomsday” Ex. CopperColor | Described by CopperColor as a 1931 s with nuclear color. Former ICG MS65RB, to PCGS MS63BN, upgraded to MS65BN and upgraded now to MS66BN. I consider this to be a monster considering it is a semi key date.

1932 1C MS64RB PCGS #2622

“Money Glow” Ex. N. Bodana | The trueview hides the lovely glowing green that rides along abes head. | Gold Rating

1933-D 1C MS66+ BN PCGS #2630

"Evening Glow" Ex. MonsterCoinz, CopperColor | MS65BN to MS66BN to MS66+BN

1934 1C MS66RB PCGS #2634

“Comfort Radiance” Ex. CopperColor; Consignment with GreatCollections| Sister coin to 2 other coins, all bias aside, this is the best of the 2 and it returned for a second trip to receive the correct grade of MS66RB. | Gold Rating

1935-S 1C MS65BN PCGS #2645

“Emerald Prism” Ex. J. Wendt Vivid_Coins | Truly stellar piece of copper. Comparable to another stunning piece that’s locked in a very high quality set. | Green CAC Sticker | Gold Rating

1936-S 1C MS65BN PCGS #2654

“Lucky Clover” Ex. J. Wendt Vivid_Coins | A 2 sided green toned monster of a coin. | Gold Rating | Green CAC

1937 1C MS64BN PCGS #2657

"Tripping Abe" Ex. JGDCoins | This coin is easily an MS65BN, not sure what held it back the first time.

1938-S 1C MS66+ BN PCGS #2672

"Abe n Gloss" Ex. Abe’s Coloring Book | Gold Rating

1939 1C MS65RB PCGS #2676

"Storm Eye" Ex. El’s Coin & Bullion | Silver Rating

1940 1C MS65BN PCGS #2684

"Ultra Violet" Ex. NashuaCoins, WingedLiberty | Originally purchased off of eBay in 2015 by WingedLiberty, graded MS65BN first time around. | Gold Rating

1941 1C MS66+ BN PCGS #2693

"Aurora Borealis" Ex. ILikeTonedCoins, WingedLiberty | Ex. NGC MS66BN, crossover as a MS66BN and upgraded to a MS66+BN. Monster Coin, monster price paid

1942 1C MS66BN PCGS #2702

"Perfecta" Ex. Abe’s Coloring Book | A pure glowing Emerald Piece, 1 of 5 pieces that originated from the same place. Possibly the nicest out of the 5 pieces. Possible upgrade in the future. | Gold Rating

1943-S 1C MS66 PCGS #2717

"Kalamata Olive" Ex. B Due | Green olive and purple tones.

1944 1C MS65BN PCGS #2720

“Green Luster” Ex. CopperColor, WingedLiberty | Gold Rating

1945-S 1C MS66RB PCGS #2739

“WonderLuster” Ex. Abe’s Coloring Book | 1 of 4 identical toned pieces from a single source. | Gold Rating

1946-S 1C MS65BN PCGS #2747

“Goblin Stash” Ex. Ronyahski | Sister coin to Ronyahski’s MS66BN piece, same source. | Gold Rating | CAC Sticker

1947 1C MS65BN PCGS #2750

"Kaleidoscope" Ex. WingedLiberty, CopperColor | Silver Rating

1948-S 1C MS66RB PCGS #2766

“Fireball” Ex. Chris Stergion | Silver Rating

1949 1C MS65BN PCGS #2768

"Underrated" Ex. SomeC0ins | Gold Rating

1950-D 1C MS66RB PCGS #2781

"Mossy Autumn" Ex. Abe’s Coloring Book | Gold Rating

1951-D 1C MS66+ BN PCGS #2789

"Purple Arc" Ex. V. Rascon | One of my favorite cherrypicks on eBay | Gold Rating

1952 1C MS64BN PCGS #2795

“Psychedelic Trip” Ex. CopperColor | Gold Rating

1953 1C MS65BN PCGS #2804

“Green Journey” Ex. SilverStacking_Pro | Crossed from NGC MS65BN. 7 attempts | Gold Rating

1954-S 1C MS66RB PCGS #2820

“Liquid Rainbow” Ex. CopperColor, David3142 | One of many from an original roll that was purchased by David and sent in by multiple submissions. | Gold Rating

1955-D 1C MS65BN PCGS #2828

"Violent Violet" Ex. John Strategies on eBay | Ex. NGC MS66BN holder.

1956 1C MS66BN PCGS #2834

"Emerald Beauty" Ex.CopperColor, WingedLiberty| In hand a pure emerald green luster bomb. Amazing color even in slight darkness. Housed in an older holder. One of the first holders that were used when TrueViews were introduced. | Gold Rating

1957 1C MS66+ BN PCGS #2840

"Intergalactic" Ex. MonsterCoinz |Designation changed from RB to BN

1958 1C MS66RB PCGS #2847

“Colorama” Ex. Lincolncentman| The origin of the name comes from the interaction of a plant that I grew up with when I worked in the family business, the Dracaena Marginata Colorama. Thank you David for parting with this monster of a coin