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1909 1C Lincoln PR66RD PCGS #3305

Crusty and original. I purchased this in 1989 in an old NGC fattie holder. Wonderful rose colors on the obverse and an orange peel sunset reverse.

1911 1C PR67RB PCGS #3310

What can I say about the centerpiece of my collection. It's a top pop 1/0 blazing monster and the highest graded PCGS PR 1911 (including RDs). It also happens to be 94.99% red, and magnificently toned with a swirl of purple in Lincoln's hair and a firey lemon/orange peel reverse. I'm pleased to share the awesome truview. CAC approved.

1912 1C PR66+ RB PCGS #3313

This coin is original as it gets - uniquely toned and crusty as it sat in the original proof set for 99 years. Part of the Time Capsule auction in 2011, it was cut out of the original proof set from the mint after 99 years and graded. I am the 2nd owner! A top pop 2/0 with no other RDs graded same or numerically higher. CAC.

1913 1C PR65RB PCGS #3316

A crossover from an old fattie PR 66RB NGC holder. Monster luster on the obverse. CAC.

1914 1C PR67RB PCGS #3319

A purple portrait cameo obverse unlike any MPL I've ever seen. Couple this with a blazing, mirror-like reverse, and this has to be one of the nicest 1914s around. Not a mark, spot or blemish to be found. Pop 7/1. CAC 6/0.

1915 1C PR67RB PCGS #3322

Check out the amazing gem colors (gold, emerald and ruby - no pun intended) coupled with oozing luster. Third rarest date in the MPL series. Not many this original at this lofty level. Top pop 4/0 and tied for top numerically (only 2 67RDs). CAC.

1916 1C PR65+ RB PCGS #3325

Classic red rose toning with luster. Not a spot or nick on the coin; should be a 66 IMHO. Very tough date to find in nice gem condition. CAC.