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1892 10C MS62 PCGS #4796

Dark rim tone both sides. Obverse has more friction marks reverse has more luster.

1892-S 10C MS62 PCGS #4798

Submission, crossed from ANACS MS-62.

1893-S 10C F12 PCGS #4802

This coin has repunched mintmark (fs-501) not noted on holder.

1894-O 10C VF25 PCGS #4804

Liberty full. No major marks very nice circulated coin.

1896 10C XF45 PCGS #4809

Some original luster in recessed areas.

1897 10C AU58 PCGS #4812

White coin. No distracting marks.

1899 10C AU50 PCGS #4818

Submission, crossed from NGC AU-53.

1900 10C AU55 PCGS #4821

Submission, crossed from NGC AU-58.

1902 10C MS62 PCGS #4827

Lots of original luster remaining. No major marks just light friction.

1903 10C AU53 PCGS #4830

Nicely toned. Center of reverse highlighted with blue green.

1903-O 10C AU58 PCGS #4831

Nice original tone with just a hint of luster.

1906 10C MS63 PCGS #4838

Nice original coin. No serious marks just some scuffs to the luster. Die crack on reverse from 7 o'clock to 10 o'clock.

1907-O 10C VF25 PCGS #4844

Nice original circulated coin.

1909-S 10C MS62 PCGS #4853

Submission, crossed from ANACS MS-63.

1910-S 10C VG10 PCGS #4856

LI---TY show.

1912-D 10C AU55 PCGS #4861

Bright coin. I would say it has been dipped. Plenty of contact marks and slight wear.

1913-S 10C VG10 PCGS #4864

LI----Y show. Nice original coin.

1914-D 10C AU53 PCGS #4866

A tiny bit of original luster under spotty tone.