Dimeman's New Orleans Dime Set Coin Album

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1840-O 10C No Drapery F15 PCGS #4574

Large "O" F105 (R5) - Teaparty - Very nice original coin that is hard to find in any grade.

1841-O 10C VF30 PCGS #4580

F103 Med O (R2) - Ebay.

1856-O 10C RPD FS-2301, F-105 XF45 PCGS #145491

#44 (R4) - Gerry Fortin.

1891-O/O 10C O/Horiz O FS-501, F-109 (FS-005.6) XF40 PCGS #38897

#98 (R6) - Rich Uhrich - G-101 F-109.

1892-O 10C AU58 PCGS #4797

Dave Holiday - Springfield Show July 2015. Very pretty coin. Crossed from NGC58.

1893-O 10C AU58 PCGS #4801

I made - Brian Greer - Beautiful creamy satin silver.

1894-O 10C AU53 PCGS #4804

David Pike - Very nice original coin.

1895-O 10C AU53 PCGS #4807

Beautiful Key Date Barber Dime - L&C Coins.

1896-O 10C AU58 PCGS #4810


1897-O 10C AU55 PCGS #4813

I made - Bowers & Merena - Very nice coin.

1898-O 10C AU58 PCGS #4816

I made - Excelsior Coin Gallery - Very pretty toned coin,

1899-O 10C AU55 PCGS #4819

Alpine - Pretty light toned coin.

1900-O 10C AU55 PCGS #4822

Norman Pullen Inc. Very nice original coin.

1901-O 10C AU55 PCGS #4825

Alpine - Nice coin. Hard to find.

1902-O 10C AU58 PCGS #4828

Got this beautifully toned better date Barber Dime from David Kahn.

1903-O 10C AU58 PCGS #4831

Beautiful Barber Dime from Lenny Rizzo.

1905-O 10C AU58 PCGS #4836

I made from DLRC - Nice creamy white.

1905-O 10C Micro O AU50 PCGS #94836

Barber Dime - This is one of my favorite Dimes - DLRC.

1906-O 10C AU55 PCGS #4840

J.J. Teaparty

1907-O 10C AU58 PCGS #4844

Beautiful coin - I couldn't capture the luster on this one - David Kahn.

1908-O 10C MS62 PCGS #4848

RPD-UL Repunching in upper loop of 8 - Alpine.