The Gerry Fortin Liberty Seated Dime Collection

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About This Set: The Liberty Seated Dime series is composed of eight significant design changes or groups. While some of the design changes are major and very obvious to collectors, others are subtle in nature and require careful examination. Historically, the Redbook has defined 121 different dates, mintmarks and major varieties to form a complete set. Being unique, the 1873-CC No Arrows dime is a most difficult addition to the base 121 Redbook dates and varieties. The following registry set of business strike examples presents the finest PCGS Liberty Seated Dimes that I have been able to locate and afford over the last 18 years. During August 2004, I will be releasing the third book on Liberty Seated Dimes. The medium will be a web-book via a website entitled will present collectors with the definitive reference source for Liberty Seated Dime die varieties. The website contains detailed analysis of all known obverse and reverse dies and die marriages by date and mintmark. Over 1200 dimes are listed with 7000+ photographs to simplify variety attributions. Cross reference tables for Ahwash and Greer have been established for associating the varieties to these well known reference sources. Also attempted are rarity estimates for Seated Dime varieties and suggested pricing premiums. A Major 100 Varieties listing index is offered to stimulate the formation of advanced Liberty Seated Dime die variety set building. In addition, I will be adding incremental descriptions to the Seated Dimes in this registry to aid with the understanding of the design group and variety types found throughout this wonderful and long lived series. As always, good luck to anyone who has the patience and financial resources to attempt a high grade set of Liberty Seated Dimes. It has been a very enjoyable experience for this collector and researcher. Gerry Fortin
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