Liberty Seated Dimes Complete Variety Set and 1873-CC No Arrows, Circulation Strikes (1837-1891) All-Time Finest List

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This beautiful United States denomination was minted from 1837 through 1891. During that time period, numerous economic and political changes swept across our expanding country. The United States experienced the Mexican-American conflict between 1846-1848 with the belief that America had the God given right to expand its borders from sea to shining sea. The realities of both the Civil War and the Western silver and gold rush impacted the design and mintage of the Liberty Seated Dimes. Across its 55 year life span, the series under went eight design changes, which were driven by either economic events or the goal of design alignment across United States silver denominations. Collecting and researching dimes from the early New Orleans, San Francisco and Carson City mints brings the history of the United States to life. One cannot forget the Philadelphia mint which consistently issued the Liberty Seated Dime denomination until the transition to the Barber design in 1892. - Gerry Fortin

A complete cross reference of Fivaz/Stanton, Fortin and PCGS coin numbers with detailed descriptions can be found at the Gerry Fortin Liberty Seated Dime website.

Notes: This set is a work in progress. As new varieties are graded, they may be added to the set.

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1 The Gerry Fortin Complete Variety Collection 2010 2011 2012 86.45% 60.80 60.94 52.56
2 Beach Seated Dime Variety Set 95.48% 54.06 R 54.11 51.22
3 Liberty Seated Dimes Complete Variety Set 80.00% 61.25 61.46 49.34
4 lostmountainman 57.42% 38.59 38.59 19.53
5 DaveZ 20.00% 17.01 17.01 02.26
6 Vinny Kid 9.03% 5.44 5.44 00.30
7 Jeremy Hillary Boob, Ph.D. 0.65% 63.00 63.00 00.10
8 maqz99 YN 1.94% 4.86 4.86 00.05