Liberty Seated Half Dimes Basic Set, Circulation Strikes and Proof (1837-1873) All-Time Finest List

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Liberty Seated Half Dimes were produced from 1837 until 1873 when they were replaced by the nickel five-cent coin. Half Dimes were minted in Philadelphia, New Orleans, and San Francisco. Due to its small size, the series has not been popular with collectors. As a result many of the circulation strike issues can be found reasonably priced in all grades. However, as might be expected, Superb Uncirculated pieces may require a bit of searching. The proof issues offer much more of a challenge. The proof series is filled with rarities and distinctive type coins. The 1837 No Stars is a classic that many consider to be an artistic masterpiece as well as a numismatic treasure. Additional types in this series are the With Drapery and Arrows at Date pieces, the "Stars Obverse" type and all of the "Legend Obverse" dates (1860-73). The Proofs struck in 1854 and later are more readily available but are still considered to be quite rare.

Notes: This set has bonuses. Please see the Set Composition for a listing.

All-Time Finest (All Eras)

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1 D. L. Hansen Liberty Seated Half Dimes 2022 95.37% 65.64 66.37 58.57
2 chugum 75.93% 63.08 63.08 33.95
3 lostmountainman 75.93% 51.20 51.20 25.32
4 The DS Collection 64.81% 49.29 49.29 19.39
5 november1658 12.96% 63.21 63.21 04.14
6 Jeremy Hillary Boob, Ph.D. 6.48% 61.43 61.43 02.35
7 CoinGuy1859 0.93% 66.00 66.00 00.54