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1863-S H10C MS65 PCGS #4383

A blast white true Gem example of a very rare date. In the midst of the Civil War the U.S mint production was relatively low, and survival rate for the coins became extremely low over the years. San Francisco minted silver and gold issues dating from pre 1870 and Civil War eras are incredibly difficult to locate in Gem condition. This example is a blast white full luster Gem that's 100% fully struck. The coin has incredible eye appeal. PCGS has graded a mere 8 examples of this rare half dime MS65 in the past 24 years and only 1 example has ever been graded higher.

1873 H10C MS66 PCGS #4404

A creamy white virtually perfect Gem. Interestingly, PCGS has only graded 1 coin higher, and a mere 7 coins MS66 in the past 24 years. Also note that there have only been 7 MS65's graded. I feel this is one of the finest known examples of this issue.