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1940-S 10C MS67FB PCGS #5027

Blazing luster w/copper & blue peripheries. Secure Plus holder.

1941-D 10C MS68FB PCGS #5031

Mostly white with some light golden rim toning. Gold Shield holder.

1941-S 10C MS67+ FB PCGS #5033

Blast white with blazing luster. Like a "headlight on a northbound train". Gold Shield holder.

1942 10C MS67FB PCGS #5035

Blazing white with copper & gold peripheries. Secure Plus holder.

1943 10C MS67FB PCGS #5045

Obverse is bathed in iridescent gold & pink. Reverse is icy-white w/light copper along the left rim. Secure Plus holder.

1943-D 10C MS67FB PCGS #5047

Obverse has an icy-white center surrounded by a blue & magenta periphery. Reverse is icy-white w/light blue rim toning. Secure Plus holder.

1945-D 10C MS67+ FB PCGS #5059

CAC approved. Blast white with blazing luster. Like "a headlight on a northbound train".

1945-S 10C MS67FB PCGS #5061

Blazing luster with rainbow lower obverse and upper reverse peripheries. Secure Plus holder.