Dimeman's Mercurys II Coin Album

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1916 10C Mercury MS66 PCGS #4904

Heritage - Beautiful lite tone.

1916-D 10C MS64FB PCGS #4907

Beautiful example of the Key Date Mercury Dime - GC. Nice original toning!

1916-S 10C Mercury MS65 PCGS #4908

Ebay - Beautiful toned coin.

1917 10C MS65 PCGS #4910

Heritage ex:Shapiro - Type 17 Obverse - nice lite tone.

1917-D 10C MS63 PCGS #4912

Type 17 Obverse - Pat Devine - Springfield 2014 summer show.

1917-S 10C MS65 PCGS #4914

Ty-17 Obverse - Sarasota Numismatics.

1918 10C MS65 PCGS #4916

Birmingham Coin - beautiful coin.

1918-D 10C MS64 PCGS #4918

Pretty toned Mercury - DLRC.

1918-S 10C MS65 PCGS #4920

Thanks Ken - Fairlaneman.

1919 10C MS65 PCGS #4922

B.U.S.T. coinage - Beautiful silver white coin. Very nice.

1919-D 10C MS64 PCGS #4924

Michael Beygelman - very nice blast white coin

1919-S 10C MS64 PCGS #4926

Mike Beygelman - Very nice lightly toned coin.

1920 10C MS65 PCGS #4928

Heritage ex:Shapiro - nice creamy white with hint of tone

1920-D 10C MS63 PCGS #4930

Angel Dee - Very pretty and PQ

1920-S 10C MS63 PCGS #4932

DLRC Auction - Very very nice coin for grade assigned. Great color and luster is much better in hand. Grade is limited by small marks.

1921 10C XF40 PCGS #4934

SLT show 2012 - D & G Coins.

1921-D 10C XF45 PCGS #4936

STL show 2012 - D & G Coins.

1923 10C MS65FB PCGS #4939

Douglas Voelbel - Great coin - Great pic.

1923-S 10C MS63 PCGS #4940

Ebay - Dan Hariliak - Nice coin for grade.

1924 10C MS65 PCGS #4942

Ebay - Beautiful coin!!!

1924-D 10C MS64 PCGS #4944

Ebay - Dan Havriliak - Very pretty lite toning.

1924-S 10C MS64 PCGS #4946

Teletrade - Very pretty perif toning and great luster. Pic does not do justice

1925 10C MS64 PCGS #4948

Teletrade - Nice lustrous coin with some light toning around the perif.

1925-D 10C MS63FB PCGS #4951

Teletrade - Very pretty perif toning.

1925-S 10C MS62 PCGS #4952

Heritage Auction

1926 10C MS66 PCGS #4954

L & C - Beautiful light tone.

1926-D 10C MS63 PCGS #4956

Heritage - crossed from new anacs64.

1926-S 10C MS64 PCGS #4958

Angel Dee's - Very nice for grade. From the Comics-N-Stuff San Diego collection. Light golden tone.

1927 10C MS66 PCGS #4960

Angel Dee's - Beautiful blast white coin. Very nice.

1927-D 10C MS63 PCGS #4962

Mike Orlando - Silver Dollar Show STL 2010 - Nice white coin.

1927-S 10C MS64 PCGS #4964

Tony Savino (Fcloud) - Central States 2013.

1928 10C MS65FB PCGS #4967

Beautiful Mercury Dime. Ebay.

1928-D 10C MS64 PCGS #4968

Vancouver Rare Coins. Beautiful Mercury Dime.

1928-S 10C MS65 PCGS #4970

Coast to Coast Coins.

1929 10C MS66 PCGS #4972

Great Toning - Beautiful blast white coin.

1929-D 10C MS67FB PCGS #4975

Large "D" Variety - Great Collections.

1929-S 10C MS67FB PCGS #4977

Beautiful Mercury Dime! - Heritage Auction.

1930 10C MS66 PCGS #4978

Teletrade - Beautiful blast white coin.

1930-S 10C MS64FB PCGS #4981

Teletrade - Very nice bright white Merc.

1931 10C MS66 PCGS #4982

Heritage ex:Shapiro - beautiful

1931-D 10C MS66 PCGS #4984

Heritage - Beautiful coin. One I have been looking for a long time.

1931-S 10C MS66 PCGS #145443

Beautiful coin and great variety - Ebay - Larry Martin.

1934 10C MS67 PCGS #4988

Heritage ex:Shapiro - nice creamy white with a hint of tone

1934-D 10C MS66 PCGS #4990

Ebay - This is one of my favorite dates in the Mercury Dime series. And is the more common large "D" mintmark.

1935 10C MS67 PCGS #4992

Heritage ex:Shapiro - nice creamy white with a hint of tone

1935-D 10C MS66 PCGS #4994

Ebay - Duner - Nice bright lusterous coin.

1935-S 10C MS66 PCGS #4996

Thanks Fairlaneman

1936 10C MS67 PCGS #4998

Heritage auction - Beautiful blazer!

1936-D 10C MS67 PCGS #5000

Beautifully toned Merc.

1936-S 10C MS65FB PCGS #5003

DLRC - Very pretty coin brilliant with soft orange peel toning

1937 10C MS67 PCGS #5004

Teletrade - Beautiful white luster

1937-S 10C MS67+ PCGS #5008

StateLine Coin - Steve Teal.

1938 10C MS67FB PCGS #5011

Heritage ex:Shapiro - nice creamy white with a hint of tone

1938-D 10C MS66FB PCGS #5013

Heritage - nice blast white

1938-S 10C MS66 PCGS #5014

Teletrade - Nice white coin.

1939 10C MS67 PCGS #5016

DLRC - Beautiful lt golden tone

1939-D 10C MS67FB PCGS #5019

Wild Beautiful Toning - West Coast Coins.

1939-S 10C MS67 PCGS #5020

Great Toning - Beautiful white coin with gold perif.

1940 10C MS67 PCGS #5022

Ebay - Beautiful lt golden tone.

1940-D 10C MS67 PCGS #5024

RPM-7 Dean Schmidt - Ebay - Beautiful coin!!!

1940-S/S 10C MS68+ PCGS #145461

Beautiful Top Pop Mercury Variety. GC.

1941 10C MS67 PCGS #5028

Heritage ex:Shapiro - Just a hint of gold tone.

1941-D 10C MS67FB PCGS #5031

Michael Aron - Beautiful creamy white.

1941-S 10C MS67 PCGS #5032

Show me coins - very nice blast white

1942 10C MS67 PCGS #5034

DLRC - Beautiful creamy white.

1942-D 10C MS67+ FB PCGS #5039

Beautiful toned Mercury - Ebay.

1942-S 10C MS67 PCGS #5042

Teletrade - This is the Large Trumpet Tailed "S". Beautiful white coin.

1943 10C MS67 PCGS #5044

DLRC - Beautiful Blast white.

1943-D 10C MS67FB PCGS #5047

Jonathan Kern - ex:Bassano nice white coin.

1944 10C MS67 PCGS #5050

DLRC - Beautiful creamy white.

1944-D 10C MS67 PCGS #5052

Ebay - Beautiful white luster

1944-S 10C MS67+ PCGS #5054

Serif "S" Variety - Ebay.

1945 10C MS67 PCGS #5056

Heritage ex:Shapiro - blast white

1945-D 10C MS67FB PCGS #5059

Beautifully toned Mercury Dime - Ebay.

1945-S 10C MS66+ PCGS #5060

This beautifully toned Mercury Dime came from the Crazyhounddog (Joe Best) collection. This is the more common "Knob Tailed S" Variety. Thanks Joe.