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1795 50C Overton 115 FR2 PCGS #39231

CAC, Overton 115, R.5 I pulled the trigger on this eye-appealing example before I knew what CAC meant. I was waiting behind someone at US Coins in Houston, Texas ... peering through the glass counter ... when I noticed it from a distance. My first thought: "I love that coin!!" My second thought: "I can't wait to take that sticker off!!!!" After some investigation, I decided to leave it alone. Truth be told, I really don't care for the placement or the intent of the "me too" sticker. You wouldn't put a smiley sticker on the Mona Lisa to show it's a strong example of Renaissance art. Protected in a desirable generation 4.4 holder, the coin has an aesthetic that would make Robert Scot smile! Remember, think like an artist, not an accountant. footnote: The TrueView image is perfect! PCGS photographed the coin without removing it from the holder, so I could experience the TrueView of this little jewel in all its glory. That was kind of them.

1807 50C Draped Bust Overton 105 VF20 PCGS #39343

Overton 105, R.1 This amazing example of early American coinage was won in an eBay auction, undervalued and raw.