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1807 50C Large Stars 50/20 AU58 PCGS #39356

The toning on this coin is PQ

1807 50C Small Stars XF40 PCGS #39360

Neat coin & die cracks

1807 50C Large Stars AU53 PCGS #39361

Very cool die cracks, along with the Bisecting crack from eagles head

1807 50C Bearded Goddess AU50 PCGS #39358

Very interesting coin.

1808/7 50C AU55 PCGS #39378

Nice toning

1809 50C AU58 PCGS #39392

The toning on this coin is PQ

1809 50C XXX Edge AU55 PCGS #6093

New holder, now you can see xxx edge

1810 50C AU55 PCGS #39412

Cool coin

1811/10 50C AU55 PCGS #39421

nice coin, ex Jules Reiver collection.

1812 50C MS65 PCGS #39449

Claims to R-7 with the missing Obverse cracks

1813 50C 50C/UNI AU58 PCGS #39474

Bought this coin as a normal 1813, found the 50/uni after close examination.

1814 50C E/A AU55 PCGS #39490

Neat Toning & Die Cracks

1815/2 50C AU50 PCGS #39492

Nice light toning

181.7 50C Punctuated Date MS62 PCGS #39510

Greatly Toned Coin

1817/3 50C AU58 PCGS #39512

CAC with Unbeilable TONIING

1819/8 50C Large 9 MS64 PCGS #39559

Very nice toning

1820/19 50C Curl Base 2 AU55 PCGS #39574

This coin has great Toning on it.

1822/1 50C AU55 PCGS #39604

This Coin also has Great Toning on it.

1823 50C Broken 3 AU58 PCGS #39620

What a rare coin, white

1824 50C Over Various Dates AU55 PCGS #39646

Very nice toning & CAC

1827 50C Square Base 2 MS62 PCGS #39742

This Coin Has great toning, Hues of Blues, Oranges etc