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About This Set: Collectors love Bust Halves so much that enthusiasts are called “Bust Nuts.” These coins are available enough in circulated grades to attract a large number of collectors, yet challenging enough in high grades and rare varieties to test the patience of the most determined.
The coins are large and beautiful and they are the handiwork of craftsmen working at America's modest early mint in Philadelphia. Hand worked dies led to many fascinating overdates and popular varieties. Everyone loves overdates, and between 1808 and 1829 there are nineteen different types. The toughest are the 1817/4 and the 1812/1 Large 8. Other fascinating varieties resulted from blunders made while working the dies. Some favorites are the 1807 50/20, 1813 50C/UNI, 1814 E/A and the 1836 50/00. In 1823, the 3-punch gave the mint workers a fit, leading to the “Broken 3," the “Patched 3” and the “Ugly 3”—all are beautiful to me!
If these varieties aren’t challenging enough for you, join the hundreds of others who collect the 453 Overton varieties spanning the years 1807-1836. There’s just no end to the fun!
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Wonderful and important upgrade on your 1812/1 Large 8, the second toughest in the entire set behind the nearly uncollectable 1817/4. Really great to see, congratulations Tim!!!

Posted at 5/31/2013 12:36 PM by [email protected]

Great upgrades Tim from the esteemed Dale Friend, WOW! Nice additions and two at one time. Love the strike on the 1807, so tough to find that nice and a first year type coin nonetheless.

Posted at 5/21/2013 4:11 PM by [email protected]

What an incredible 1817/4! An original skin completely perfect for grade specimen.

Posted at 7/3/2012 7:59 PM by [email protected]

Great upgrade on the very, very tough 1823 ugly three. Up, up and away.

Posted at 1/17/2012 2:33 PM by [email protected]

Only a few new ones. Many were moved into Secure Plus holders and now show up as new.

Posted at 1/14/2012 4:44 PM by Earlyhalves

Eighteen new Busties all at one time. Outstanding set!

Posted at 1/14/2012 4:29 PM by mozins

Your 12/1 Large 8 half is an amazing early die state piece and a classic essentially unobtainable rarity. Superb job on such an astounding acquistion. One big overdate to go now!

Posted at 4/6/2011 10:45 AM by [email protected]

Hard to believe you were now able to upgrade so many fine Busties. Super!

Posted at 1/13/2011 2:37 PM by mozins

What an outstanding group of new and upgrade Busties. The number of R5s is remarkable. I noticed your 1823 O-102 you have listed as normal 1823. You could just as well list it under the Patched 3, which is much harder to find than a normal 3.

Posted at 3/3/2010 3:13 PM by mozins

What a spectacular first listing of an early Capped Bust Half Dollar set! Congrats and thanks for sharing your fabulous set with the Registry>>>

Posted at 2/12/2010 2:12 PM by [email protected]

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